NCCN: Slow travel to the city of Busan, Cittaslow Supporter

South Korean National Network
Gamcheon Village
Moontan Road

Jihe, Cittaslow Club that is a social group run by the National Cittaslow Corea Network enjoyed slow travel to the city of Busan,Cittaslow Supporter on July 12-13.

Club members moved to Busan in the slow transportation of train, not car, and visited Busan Cinema Center to watch a movie titled "Zorba The Greek" (1964) starred by Anthony Quinn. After dinner they enjoyed moontan on Moontan Road near Haeundae Beach.

On the second day they visited Gamcheon Village that was a backward reign of Busan, but is now a model for a successful community. Although Busan is a big city, as "Cittaslow Supporter" it is trying to encourage the philosophy of Cittaslow, especially in Gamcheon Village, where residents live a slow life.