NCCN (COR): Cittaslow Corea Network Annual Report 2017

South Korean National Network

The National Cittaslow Corea Network has published annual reports since 2015 to help Corea’s member towns share the good practices, analyze, and establish policy and strategies for Cittaslow. The 2017 Annual Report (Vol. 3, 358 pages) was distributed to member towns’ governments and resident councils, Cittaslow Supporters, Cittaslow Friends, the National Assembly Cittaslow Forum, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism and the Corea Tourism Organization, and member towns of the Asia Cittaslow Forum (ACF). The table of contents shows the introduction of Cittaslow, the activities and events of international member towns, Corea’s member towns’ performances in 2017, and appendices. 


  • Publisher: The National Cittaslow Corea Network
  • Language: Corean (text) / English (preface & contents)
  • ISSN: 2508-1187