The National Cittaslow Corea Network: The Journal of Cittaslow, Vol. 8, 2013

South Korean National Network

The National Cittaslow Corea Network has published the Journal of Cittaslow twice a year since 2010, and recently worked on the Volume 8 in August, 2013. It has some academic studies and columns of Cittaslow and reports on the network activities.


Research Articles
Exploratory Approach to Cittaslow as Brand Personality - Noh, Eun-jung ∙ Jang, Hee-Jung
Cittaslow, as a Sustainable Slow Tourism Destination - Yang, Soung-Hoon ∙ Park, Hee-Jung

Research Notes
Culture of Leisure, Sociology of Happiness - bon sohn
The Concept of Slow City: A lesson from Kingdom of Bhutan - Heo, Moon-Kyung

Slow Tourism Essay
The Economy's New Rule: Go Glocal - Kim, Ok-Hee
The Emergence of Slow Tourism - Yang, Soung-Hoon ∙ Park, Hee-Jung ∙ Dickinson & Lundsome

Cittaslow in Action
2013 International Cittaslow Assembly of Turkey Visit
Lecture for TUE, Netherland
2014 New Assessment for Cittaslow
Cittaslow Club: Jihe
2013 Cittaslow Forum Invitation