The member of Cittaslow Corea Network Annual Green Report 2022

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Cittaslow Corea Network News: 

The Cittaslow Corea Network has published annual report since 2015 and new annual report "The member of Cittaslow Corea Network Annual Green Report 2022" was issued. 

The reason why we use a term "Green Report" is to express of urgent crisis such as global warming, which threatens the Earth and jeopardizes human survival worldwide. 


What is a cittaslow and How to Become One? The starting point is to know and understand cittaslow correctly bon Sohn, Coordinator of Cittaslow Corea Network Professor emeritus of Hanyang University Seoul December 31 2022, 4355

· It has been 15 years since the cittaslow was introduced to Corea, meaning it is the transitional period from growth to maturity. Knowing what a cittaslow is essential, and understanding how to become one is important. What does 'slow' in 'cittaslow' stand for? The essence of slowness is the sublime beauty of humans, such as tranquility, warmth, leisure, love, soulfulness, and happiness, but the world works as if it is in a war due to speed presenting fastness, competition, conflict, and separation of communities. The cittaslow is aiming for a slow happy citta community roughly based on the concept above. We should forefeel whether the world will be slower or faster in the future. To interpret cittaslow correctly, we need to look at a period vertically(historically), that is, in a diachronic perspective, and horizontally(zeitgeist in global trend), that is, in a synchronic perspective. In the former, the era of the industrial revolution and capitalism started. In the latter, climate, energy crisis, and COVID-19 became a global phenomenon. If the philosophy behind the Saemaul Undong in the past was "Let's live well(economy)," that behind the question, "Why do we engage in the cittaslow movement?" or the cittaslow Movement as the New Mind Movement is "Let's live like decent people." The philosophy of the Cittaslow International is ‘Good life, International network of cities where living is good,' and the orange color of the snail above refers to warm light. The light ought to shine. Why does state exist? The purpose of the state, which has been emphasized since Aristotle in 4C B.C., is to ensure that people lead fine lives, and the government's goal is to establish an order in which people live happily. We are born with a high and noble human dignity that will emit the sweetest fragrance in life, also this dignity should not be infringed upon by anyone. The state must ensure that the innate pure reason and ability of human beings are exercised to the utmost. This is so-called true happiness. Fortunately, the National Assembly Cittaslow and Agriculture Future Forum presented a legislative bill to support the Corean cittaslow Creation Act. The motto that Cittaslow Corea Network insists is the transition into regionalism and localism(small cities) from the contralization to turn the tide against demographic extinction and low birth rate and participate in creating a sustainable future.

· Let's think about why and how.
First, we should discuss the reality that cittaslow faces and makes efforts to meet the needs for issues requiring long deliberation(regionalism, decentralization/ autonomy/ networking to prevent the extinction of local areas). Second, there are the Cittaslow ABC Success and the 4 major ELTF that it aims for. The former is a 21C administrative model where citizens take the lead. The administration supports providing autonomy to community businesses, such as cooperative businesses by citizens, and supporting the administration of city and county governments. Constant communication and empathy with citizens like a liquid cittaslow are the formula for the success of the cittaslow. In the latter, ELTF, there are two movements(EL) and two industries(TF). The Life and Ecology Cittaslow emphasizes renewable energy due to global heating/ bicycle city/ agriculture, the life storehouse of the nation-state. The Slow Life movement emphasizes citizens' active participation and practices through citizen instructors and slow village proposals of ten slow lifestyles, such as the 3S principle(slow, small, and simple). Slow tourism for visitors promotes local culture, such as the slow-steady tourism of not going far and staying for a long time/ introducing community hotels in the form of citizens' cooperatives/ enabling access to the old city center, that is, a compact city, within 15 minutes. CIttaslow Food, centered on organic and indigenous food, earns a living for the local economy through home-grown food, the last resource to strengthen immunity in the era of COVID-19, indulgence in soul food, local food, and local vegetable garden/ local aboriginal special products. Third, the question is what is missing in Corean cittaslow movement. If the civic movement loses impetus in Corean Cittaslow, it will lose its qualifications for cittaslowhood. The principle of the cittaslow movement is an administrative system in which citizens' take the lead, and the administration supports actively, and changes and influences must come from inside. Fourth, it is the logic of being and becoming in cittaslow. The front of a cittaslow is being, and vivid vitalization is becoming, always live and thriving, that we need specific and planned actions to change the world and to have results and enjoy the fruits of change. Although the purpose of a cittaslow may be small, actual practice is essential. That way, we can laugh out loud with our neighbors and nature.