A cittaslowship prescription to heal Covid-19 Phenomena

South Korean National Network

The speech written by bon sohn on COVID-19 phenomena.

 The COVID-19 likehuman disasterhas occurred. It is time for human to unite and put together our idea and wisdom about how we can take chance from this risk. The world seems to be superficially responded in the number of confirmed case, prevention of epidemics, and development of vaccines and medicine treatment. Also, weonlyclamor about current situation andjustlook turn away the root cause. What a foolish life is it the time and effort to vain?In fact, the problem seems to be elsewhere, not Corona virus. Global warming whichjustlead to massive epidemicand ecological destruction has continues. All living things are in the climate and are connected to each other. The world is enough for need, but not enough for covetousness. I expect that the more infectious disease will be spread rampantly in the future because of greedand haughtinessfrom anthropocentricism and materialism.

Due to high level industrialization, themetropolitan areaserves as the epicenter of the virus. Since the Western Industrial Revolution has started 250 years ago, now it has become a trulymiserable world that there are full of people wearing masks. Now, 22.5 billion livestock and 7.7 billion human became their shelterto live. Aslong as we destroyforests (it makes the animals come downthe town), do factory farming on a large scale, andlive densely in the big city, the global warming will accelerate. As a result of this, humanity will be the food of parasites called viruses. Of course, vaccines and treatments must be developed. Also, the system such as AI technology and big datathat manage virus infections must be prepared. 

The revolution of future communication is Internet, the revolution of energy is renewable energy, and the revolution of transport is the electric motor and battery vehicle.For the word of STAISFACTION  in Eastern Characterin Coreais included letter meaning of FOOT and when we go on foot will be satisfied for health and reducedcarbon dioxideCo2. Wecreatedand acting12 slowlife stylesas a code of conductin Corea.As more fundamental measures, there are renewable energy, biking and walking rather than cars, staying dark rather than turning on the light, eating less meat and throwing away less trash etc. Owing to appetite for meat, livestock accounts for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions by humans and one third of the world’s grain is used for livestock feed. Themeat substituteswith non-GMOneed to be developedto eat less meat. 

Such as a criminal economy that destroys nature and steals away livelihood, the digital economy continues to accelerate due to COVID-19. The economy is not in the head of the elite people in the capital market, but in the livelihood of a large number of workers in real labor field. The ecological economy ofordinarypeople (petit bourgeois) is their own life. In other words, the ecological economy is cyclical economy for nature that means farming with protecting land in small towns as well as the relationship between buying and selling in local business. Our planet is a interdependent earth-democracy and save-democracythat all of species is linked each other. If we respect each other for human right, animal right, plant right, and bacterial rights, all of these can coexist and become healthy. As it’s difficult for Corean to travel abroad for a while because of COVID-19, the CCN will publishand promote the handbook which introduces 16 Corean Cittaslow towns and recommendsdomestic travelers to visitthere.I hope that even the members of Cittaslow International find wisdom to overcome difficulties based upontrue value of cittaslow like Cittaslowship. In order to truly become a watchman in the global village, I wish that we will open up good and beautiful visionbased on creatingglobalcommunity through solidarityas well as communication each other withrightunderstanding ofuntact trends fromCorona virus.