South Korean National Network

The county of Jangheung was in 2007 one of the top three Cittaslow in Asia. Subsequently, in September 2013, it did not pass the recertification check.

Today after two years of hard and complex work with municipal administrators and technicians, associations, local stakeholders and citizens, Mayor Jongsun Jeong has submitted the request for recertification to the Cittaslow in his county.

After the careful analysis of the Cittaslow Korea Coordination represented by Prof. Bon Sohn and Prof. Jung Hee Jang, President Mauro Migliorini welcomed the county again into the Cittaslow family: "It's a great day, - says Migliorini - because the son he returns home, stronger and more prepared than when he left: the city of Jangheung today has all the requisites not only to be Cittaslow but to represent a model in Korea and in the world ”.

During the online certification session, which took place online this morning, Tuesday 22 February 2022, the strengths of the Jangheung Cittaslow Project were highlighted, the protection of the quality of river and marine waters and forests, the commitment to social issues, women, young people, the elderly to whom new special structures are dedicated, the agri-food production of excellence and, last but not least, the co-decision between the administration and the local community, the resilient villages in the surroundings.

This is a further sign of how Cittaslow is an incredible growth and development factor for the cities that join it.

Even in South Korea, administrations that for various reasons had left the network of cities of good living, are retracing their steps, precisely because they understand the precious contribution that an international network such as Cittaslow can make not only economically, but also and above all at the level quality of life for its citizens.

Cittaslow as a development opportunity for the city and for the entire region, Cittaslow as an element that seeks to harmoniously maintain the pace of life between fast and slow, between local and global, between analog and digital.

Returning to Cittaslow, Jangheung will be able to return to concretely aim for a model of sustainable development. It did so by starting a process that lasted 2 years, which began in 2020 and continued with work groups, meetings with all the social and productive realities of the county.

Jangheung, always known as "the land of happiness", "and the homeland of righteousness", with clear waters and green forests has undergone two years of recertification to continue to preserve this unspoiled nature and support sustainable development.

Today more than ever, the pandemic has brought to light the contradictions of unbridled development, without limits, which has led many cities and administrators to rethink their administrative action in a slow key through Cittaslow good practices.