Cittaslow Corea (COR): Visit to Deidesheim and Freiburg, Germany

South Korean National Network

The Cittaslow Corea delegation visited officially Cittaslow Deidesheim in Germany, a town that has protected nature to increase the quality of products and committed to protecting the nature reserve ‘Marlachwiesen’, resulting in an image of a paradise in harmony of nature and tradition. Deidesheim has been famous good for wine of the quality and small wineries are distributed throughout the town. Mayor Manfred Dörr welcomed the delegation and took them on a tour of a winery that has a long history and wonderful traditions. 

Mayor Manfred Dörr of Deidesheim and the Cittaslow Corea delegation in front of the City Hall

The delegation also visited Freiburg, Germany’s environmental capital and they met Mr. Andrea Burzacchini who coordinates tours across Freiburg for visitors. He guided the delegation through the Freiburg City Hall and Vauban, the world’s most successful model for sustainable urban development, explaining Freiburg’s green policies and activities; eco-friendly residential districts, energy-efficient homes and buildings (low energy, passive, photovoltaic, etc.), traffic restriction and public space management, renewable energy policy, resident activities, etc. And then Ms. Gerda Stuchlik, Freiburg’s Mayor for the Environment addressed about Freiburg’s environmental policy and sustainable urban development and answered the delegation’s questions.

Ms. Gerda Stuchlik addressing about Freiburg’s environment policy and sustainable urban development in the future