CCN (COR): Cittaslow Corea Network Annual Report 2018

South Korean National Network

The Cittaslow Corea Network has published annual reports since 2015 to help Corea’s member towns share the good practices, analyze, and establish policy and strategies for Cittaslow. The Annual Report 2018 (Vol. 3, 316 pages) was distributed to member towns’ governments and resident councils, Cittaslow Supporters, Cittaslow Friends, the National Assembly Cittaslow Forum, and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism. The table of contents shows the introduction of Cittaslow, the activities and events of international member towns, Corea’s member towns’ performances in 2018, and appendices.

  • Publisher: The Cittaslow Corea Network
  • Language: Corean (text) / English (preface & contents)
  • ISSN: 2508-1187


ANNUAL REPORT 2018 PREFACE by Prof. bon sohn Coordinator of the CCN

While in the 20th century fastness is a virtue and slowness is a vice, in the 21st century people in the world desire slowness and smallness, so Cittaslow seeks the harmony of slowness and fastness. Therefore, Cittaslow and our economy needs the intermediate technology. The use of robots, AI, 3D, and IoT in industries can lead to unemployment and a party in Australia is experimenting direct democracy through blockchain voting system. Today it can be a big problem to democracy that politicians refuse to speak for the people and obstacles to democracy like election frauds will trigger the development of deliberative democracy, the convergence of direct democracy and parliamentary democracy.

Residents in Cittaslow need to find the existence, principle, and secret of their town. Where can we recognize the existence of Cittaslow in our everyday life? That is, Cittaslow needs to make residents and visitors adopt the slow life in their everyday life. For example, we can designate 'a car-free day' for one day on weekdays and we can enjoy the beauty of life. The principle means the essence of Cittaslow that changes the theme, and it helps fully activate a resident council. The secret means that we need to find the key to the secret to promote Cittaslow. The first key is the system dedicated to Cittaslow and Cittaslow Jeonju is a good example because its entire administration has focused on Cittaslow since its certification. Cittaslow should be well-founded to bring about wide-ranging cultural revolution and the whole administration need to take part in making 72 requirements for quality to be fully met while placing the persons with the right talent in the right position. Each Cittaslow member town needs to establish its own identity and perform a differentiation policy. For example, Cittaslow Wando has establish its identity as an island Cittaslow while Cittaslow Damyang as a near-urban Cittaslow. It is also needed to achieve the governance of public and private sectors and the public sector establishes policies while the private sector establishes countermeasures. This is a trend of administration to suit the demands of the 21st century.

It is impossible to predict the future because it is uncertain than ever. We can request cooperation from opponents through communication when social conflict and division are rampant in our society. We can get ideas and creativity for the future through communication within communities like resident councils and education that helps bring about sympathy of communities and create common good. Communities can be completed by relationship, but our society face relationship breakdown and weak solidarity than ever. Recently, statistics show that single-person households accounts for about 28.6 percent of the total households of Korea in 2017 and people who eat and travel alone are growing. Cittaslow philosophy seeks the community spirit that people live a decent life through establishing mental growth than economic development and quality of life than quantity of life and maintaining their dignity. It can be found in the brand mark of the Cittaslow International 'International network of cities where living is good'. 

 Corean Cittaslow member towns obtained good results and achieved many changes and mayors of Corean Cittaslow member towns should be thanked due to their interest and efforts. Namyangju, Hadong, and Jecheon saw that their resident councils were involved actively in many activities, but unfortunately their efforts focused on their core areas, not across the town. Jeonju organized the Cittaslow Team and held a performance contest while its entire administration participated in Cittaslow. Gimhae established the Cittaslow Policy Team and publicly recruited talented people. Jecheon won the eco-tourism promotion project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Cheongsong won the rural community restoration project organized by the North Gyeongsang provincial government with a resident community called 'Small Gestures of Snails'. Sangju won the traditional food and liquor promotion project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. In 2018 over 11 million people visited Jeonju, over 10 million people visited Taean and over 7 million people visited Damyang. However, it is more important to investigate the number of overnight stays, so it is recommended to promote Slow Tourism that encourages visitors not to go too far but stay longer in a place and take a closer look at the town. Shinan has run the Cittaslow Agriculture University that graduates about 530 students for past 10 years. Wando is renowned throughout the nation for having held 'Cheongsando Slow Walking Festival' for 10 years, but the town is weak at performing education programs for Cittaslow. Jeonju educates the residents as Cittaslow instructor and has them work for the education program 'Osondoson'. Cheongsong participated in the 3 certification programs while Sangju and Taean did one certification program. From 2019 the participation in education programs will be considered in the process of recertification because education is a very important factor for the sustainability of Cittaslow. Learning should not be static, but dynamic because it brings joy to our life. Corean member towns should be proud that they work together with the Cittaslow International, only world organization that makes their residents live a good and happy life.



Ⅰ. The Understanding of Cittaslow 

1. Basic Understanding of Cittaslow 

(1) Why Do We Campaign Cittaslow Movement? 

(2) The Philosophy of Cittaslow 

(3) The Purpose and Aim of Cittaslow 

2. The Concept and Meaning of Cittaslow 

(1) The Fundamental Concept of Cittaslow 

(2) The Meaning of Cittaslow 

3. The brief history of Cittaslow 


Ⅱ. National and International Cittaslows 

1. National Cittaslows 

(1) Story of Building Cittaslow in Corea 

(2) Characteristics of Corea's Cittaslow Towns 

(3) Supporters of Cittaslow and Friends of Cittaslow 

2. International Cittaslows 

(1) Cittaslow International's Organization 

(2) The Procedure of Joining Cittaslow 

(3) Assessment: Certification Criteria of Cittaslow International 

(4) Cittaslow International Network 

(5) News of International Cittaslow Network 2018 

3. Introduce of the Cittaslow Corea Network (CCN) 

(1) History 

(2) Organization 

(3) Functions and Roles 

(4) Principal Duties 


Ⅲ. Corea Cittaslows: Major Performances and Outcomes 2018 

1. The Report of 15 Cittaslow Towns in Corea 

(1) Cittaslow Shinan 

(2) Cittaslow Wando 

(3) Cittaslow Damyang .

(4) Cittaslow Hadong 

(5) Cittaslow Yesan 

(6) Cittaslow Namyangju 

(7) Cittaslow Jeonju 

(8) Cittaslow Sangju 

(9) Cittaslow Cheongsong 

(10) Cittaslow Yeongwol 

(11) Cittaslow Jecheon 

(12) Cittaslow Taean 

(13) Cittaslow Yeongyang 

(14) Cittaslow Gimhae 

(15) Cittaslow Seocheon 

2. Cittaslow towns' 2018 Activities Analysis - Change Analysis 

(1) Cittaslow Operating Organization 

(2) The Analysis of Activities 

(3) The Analysis of Changes 

3. The Report of CCN 

(1) Tabular Summary of CCN's Activities in 2018 

(2) Education and Consulting Lecture 

(3) Events (International & National) 

(4) CCN Certification Course 

(5) CCN Research Performances 

(6) CCN Publications 

(7) Other Activities 



1. Cittaslow Corea Manifesto 

2. Pilgrimage to Cittaslow Djúpivogur in Iceland 

3. Conclusion of the 2nd Jeonju World Slowness Forum 

4. ‘At Night of Ideas 2019’ - Face with the Present