Seferihisar Beaches Awarded with Blue Flags


Seferihisar became number one blue flagged beach of Izmir with 13 blue flags and number one of Turkey with ten public (Municipality-Run) beaches.

The blue flag, symbol of clean and secure beaches was granted to 13 beaches in Seferihisar. Upon the 2016 evaluations of TÜRÇEV, two new places Ürkmez Health Center Beach and Euphoria Aegean Resort Spa Beach were granted blue flags.

Seferihisar Mayor Tunc Soyer received the award by the Blue Flag North Aegean Coordinator Doğan Karataş at the ceremony performed at the Ürkmez Health Center Beach. Mayor Soyer said: “The day we first awarded a blue flag, I claimed to recreate the most number of public blue-flagged beaches in Seferihisar. It’s time to celebrate. Ten public beaches will be facilitated with life guard, showers, WC and security. With clean sea and beaches Seferihisar is like a heaven on earth. It’s more important for us to maintain sustainability rather than getting an award. We believe that the people will adopt and care for the new facilities. I wish joyful holidays for the citizens of Seferihisar and the tourists. We will continue to care for the beaches and increase the number of blue flags.”

Municipality-Run Beaches

1 Büyük Akkum Beach Sığacık
2 İztur Sertur Sitesi Önü Beach Akarca
3 Akarca Beach Akarca
4 Gemisuyu Area Beach Akarca
5 Bahadır Area Beach Akarca
6 Doğanbey Ömür District Beach Doğanbey
7 Doğanbey Sakızağacı District Muhtarlık Önü Beach Doğanbey
8 Doğanbey in front of Havacılar Sitesi Beach Doğanbey
9 Bengiler Neighborhood Beach Ürkmez
10 Ürkmez Beach Ürkmez

Private Beaches

1 Euphoria Aegean Resort & Spa Sığacık
2 Tahsin Ar Facilities Akarca
3 Angora Beach Resort Doğanbey