Sanyi City Hall is “a will breathing building” 綠建築認證中英文


The City Hall of Miaoli County Sanyi Township Office recently awarded the Green Building Bronze Label. The design requirements of energy efficiency and waste reduction were highly affirmed. The mayor of Sanyi Township, Wen-Ta Hsu, says that Sanyi City Hall is “a will breathing building” not only for the lighting and ventilation are good but also the saving of energy and water is particularly evident.

Sanyi became the member of International Cittaslow last year, and it is one of the only four International Cittaslow cities in Taiwan. Miaoli County Government and Sanyi Township Office also actively promote the concept of Ciittaslow and protect the natural environment in order to make Sanyi Township an international tourist attraction.

The principle of design and construction of building Sany City Hall is based on “ecological, energy saving, waste reduction, and health”. We must achieve the goal of 20% power saving and 30% water saving in the next 40years. Sanyi City Hall includes rain recycle system which can be used in daily watering. The staffs of Sanyi Township also finds that the lighting and ventilation of the City Hall is good, and the energy saving is achievable. Working in high quality environment of Green Building, the staffs of Sanyi Township will leave no stone unturned to improve service quality.