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Cittaslow Sunday in Barczewo 28.09.2014

'Family Festival Zalesie Masuria Active Spa' Festival will be held on September 28, 2014 on the premises of the Municipal Amphitheatre in Barczewo. The program includes: animation for children, Family Strange Sports Olympics with prizes, activities for children and youth, performances of artists from the Centre for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality in Barczewo. Admission is free.

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'Bartoszyce on the way to Citta Slow' 20 – 21.09.2014 
20.09.2014 – venue: Lidzbarska Gate, time: 12.00 – 14.00 The exhibition entitled "What is it like to live in a Citta Slow - 15 years of San Gemini in Citta Slow" - Joanna Mrugalska Paci Exhibition of handicraft created by pupils of Centre for People with Special Needs by Social Welfare Center in Bartoszyce Exhibition of works of art "Snails and other wonders of nature" created by pupils of Special Care Educational Facility in Bartoszyce during the II International Open Air "Now the Bartoszyce's Locations" organized by Culture Centre in Bartoszyce and Forest Inspectorate in Bartoszyce 21.09.2014 venue: Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja, time: 10.00 – 14.00 Organic Food Fair Performances of folk bands, Competitions, Exchange of experience between the candidate town of Bartoszyce and a town with a long tradition of existence in the Citta Slow. Presentation of one of the first cities in the Citta Slow - San Gemini (Italy), including 15 years membership in the Association. Promotion of the idea of Citta Slow and promotion of a snail logo - presentations of works created during the classes in Centre for People with Special Needs and the II International Open Air "Now the Bartoszyce's Locations". Presentation of local handicraft.


Cittaslow Sunday in Bisztynek – Beauty of Warmia' 28.09.2014 
The arrangement of book exhibitions on the region, professional art exhibition titled 'Beauty of Warmia', presentation of Warmian folk costumes, stands with regional dishes, local artists' exhibition , pottery workshops.

0048 89 718-80-67, 0048 89 521 64 00

'Cittaslow Relax time in Dobre Miasto' 28.09.2014 
On Sunday, September 28, 2014, the Dobre Miasto will stop for a while. That day the Library and Cultural Centre in collaboration with schools and associations will organize local initiative within the Cittaslow. During this year's project number of different activities are prepared, among others, urban eco game, theatrical performances - the life of a man with nature, presentation of the schools and associations, and artistic performances teams from the Library and Cultural Centre. Cittaslow will promote the 'Radio Olsztyn Tour', with live program between 12:00 - 18:00 on Radio Olsztyn. We invite you to participate in this special day.

0048 89 616-15-91, 0048 695-194-921

Goldap city of good life. 21.09.2014 at 20.00 
Theatre fire and light show of a 'Flash Zone' fire theatre group from Gołdap Culture Centre based on symbols and events in the life and history of Gołdap.

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'Cittaslow Sunday in Lidzbark Warmiński' 28.09.2014 
Event promoting the idea of Cittaslow, during which regional artist will present their products, local groups will performance as well as competitions concerning the Cittaslow move will be organized.

0048 89 767 85 17

In Lubawa 'Vitamins' Cittaslow' 28.09.2014 
Cittaslow Sunday in Lubawa is organised under the slogan 'Vitamins' Cittaslow'. This event combines two events held in the city at the same time, Cittaslow Sunday and School Vitamins. In the agenda there are activities planned with healthhy food, talents' review, numerous competitions, for example 'making a snail's home', lubawiaczka, culinary competition "Sweet little something" and photographs contest "Lubawa in the the lens of citizens". You will be able to do a fun souvenir photo in the photo booth and taste culinary delights in the school canteen.


Competition in Arkadiusz Gołaś Volleyball Memorial of 26-28.09.2014 
On 26-28 September 2014 in Murowana Goślina there will be the 10th edition of the prestigious event Arkadiusz Gołaś Volleyball Memorial. It will bring together four leading teams from the Polish PlusLiga. The event, which the initiator and originator is Anna Sumelka, aims to honor the memory of the tragically deceased representative Polish volleyball player, Arkadiusz Gołaś, promote Polish volleyball and to help people in need through conducted during the memorial auction. The Volleyball Memorial will be preceded by workshops for children and youth. Also the registration of potential bone marrow donors will take place, lead by Regional Blood Centre Poznań under the auspices of the Agata Mróz-Olszewska Foundation 'Drop of Life'. For the participants the 'Cittaslow Table' will be prepared with delicacies from local producers. Organizer of the event: HDK Club Board PCK "Gośliniacy" in Murowana Goślina. Admission to the match ticketed.

Dodatkowych informacji udziela: 
Biuro Komunikacji Społecznej Murowana Goślina 
0048 61 811 88 48

'Sunday with Cittaslow - Artistic Nidzica' 28.09.2014

open workshops for children, teenagers and adults, classes in drawing, painting and sculpture 

open workshops in juggling for children, adolescents and adults: learning how to walk on stilts, juggling lessons, big soap bubbles, face painting 

Open Museum Day - tours in the castle rooms, gallery, museum

Vernissage and preview of the pictues after the photo contest and a contest for the best logo of the Nidzica municipality

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'Baked Potato Feast' 28.09.2014 Integrative Family Picnic propagating a healthy lifestyle in the idea of Cittaslow

Games and fun arcade for children and parents, promoting a healthy lifestyle (healthy food and physical activity), team building intergenerational population, live music, dance shows, art contest with the theme of the snail.

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'Kite Festival for the Cup of The Major of Nowy Dwór Gdański' 05.10.2014 
The festival takes place every year in October, when we catch autumn sunshine and a nice breeze. This is an intimate, family event where there is no shortage of smiles and fun. Participants invited to participate in various age groups (preschool, primary and secondary school), along with their parents. The event is a competition, but most important is having fun together. A condition of participation is to make flying a kite. This year the festival will be preceded by workshops in schools in Nowy Dwór that will guide the Association of School 13 in the frames of the programme House of Culture +, Local Initiatives. During the festival you will be able to 'fly' kites and learn the secrets of building a simple kite. This year, 'Kite Festival for the Cup of The Major of Nowy Dwór' will be held on October 5th in the Municipal Sports Complex in Nowy Dwór Gdański.

Żuławski Ośrodek 
Kultury w Nowym 
Dworze Gdańskim 
Monika Jastrzębska-Opitz 

In Olsztynek a snail and a concert 03.10.2014 
Celebration of the World Cittaslow Sunday will begin in Olsztynek on Friday, October, 3rd at 10:00. Children from Primary School in Olsztynek will participate in the colorful parade on the town square, where they will form an orange colored snail of Cittaslow. In the auditorium of the Gymnasium school of Polish Nobel laureates in Olsztynek at 5 pm. there will be a commemoration devoted to the idea of Cittaslow. During the ceremony students from Olsztynek branch of the District School of Music will present their talents.

0048 89 6212011 

1st Pasym MTB Championship of the Szczytno District – Pasym Bike Rally 'Catch the Orange Snail' with the event 'Say Goodbye to the Summer' 20.09.2014

Education of participants of the 'Cittaslow Sunday' in the field of environmental protection. Getting to know our richness and values. Participant of the 'Cittaslow Sunday' in Pasym are actively engaged in issues related to the environment, consisting in cleaning up the shores of Lake Kalwa and bicycle routes located in the Municipality of Pasym. Participants of the rally will have to demonstrate knowledge about the Municipality of Pasym, Cittaslow and matters relating to environmental protection and protected areas in the district. Municipal Cultural Centre will prepare the artistic part - Concert of bands: 'After Hours', 'O-key', 'Xawi' and Bartosz Abramski.

0048 89 6212011

'Prudnik Commune Harvest Festival' 21.09.2014 
Organization of the event promoting the local activity, including cultural and artistic creativity by the using of local cultural heritage and folk tradition. 1. Pageant of Harvest Festival. Sacrifice of harvest crowns on the field in front of Parish church in Łąka Prudnicka will be the starting point of Harvest Festival, than a Holly Mass conducted in the intention of the farmers will take place in the Parish church. After than a colorful pageant of harvest festival will move from Parish church to the sport field in Łąka Prudnicka. 2. Tasting of the different local meals during harvest festival. 3. Stage performances. On the stage their own skills will present: school children, kinder garden children, artistic groups from Prudnik Cultural Centre including local 'Frant' Theatre. During the concert an information about idea and Cittaslow network will be forwarded to the participants of Harvest Festival.

Prudnicki Ośrodek Kultury 48-200 Prudnik ul. Kościuszki 1 a 
0048 77 4363396, 0048 4066202 

Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Liceum 
Ogólnokształcącego im. Adama 
Mickiewicz w Prudniku, ul. 
Gimnazjalna 2, 48-200 Prudnik, biuro: Rynek – Ratusz 
0048 884093686

Cittaslow Sunday in Rejowiec Fabryczny connected to the 'Harvest Festival at Kiwerski' - 09/21/2014 

During the event, traditional dishes and drinks will be presented for tasting, prepared by the Association 'Chance'. The choir will perform traditional songs and songs in costumes of traditional court. The harvest festival will be attended by the housewives from the 'Association of Municipalities Promenade S 12'. The event will be accompanied by handicraft and artistic exhibition and folk instrumental ensemble concert. 

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Cittaslow Sunday in Reszel' 22-26.09.2014 and 28.09.2014 
Primary and Junior High School - Informational meetings about the idea of cities gathered in the Cittaslow network - lectures in classrooms art contest 'The vision of my city in 10 years' 28.09.2014r Joint action 'Day of the good life' Reszel - Biskupiec Reszelski concert prepared by two cultural centers of Reszel and Biskupiec - two neighboring cities, handicrafts bazaar and local products Knowledge contest about Cittaslow making a snail with bottle caps A trip of Reszel amateur artists group to Biskupiec Reszelski A performance of the star of the evening 'Local Product – a Treasure of Warmia, Mazury, Kujawy and Krajny' a fair which aim is to promowe traditional food products and dishes (30 exhibitors). Products will be presented for degustation. The aim is to exchange experiences in the field of culture, social inclusion and promotion of the idea of being a Cittaslow.

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'Cittaslow Sunday in Ryn' 28.09.2014 

City Game 'Rynolandia' City game 'Rynolandia' is a combination of the popular game with RPG and with a bit of knowledge about the history, architecture and tourism values of the city Ryn. The offer is aimed at families (up to 5 people). The game will take place on Cittaslow Sunday. Game results and awards reception will take place on Sept. 28, 2014, during the celebration of Cittaslow Sunday in Ryn. The winners will receive attractive prizes. Open Day at the Orlik sport pitch - sports games on the pitch 'Open Day Museum' in Ryn Cultural Center


Cittaslow Sunday in Barczewo 28.09.2014 'Family Festival Zalesie Masuria Active Spa'

Festival will be held on September 28, 2014 on the premises of the Municipal Amphitheatre in Barczewo. The program includes: animation for children, Family Strange Sports Olympics with prizes, activities for children and youth, performances of artists from the Centre for the Promotion of Culture and the Municipality in Barczewo. Admission is free.

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