Cittaslow Festival in Poland

Polish National Network

Promotional stands of all 24 Polish Cittaslow towns (19 from the Warmia and Mazury) worked in a beautiful park. Every city wanted to show their best side. Ladies in costumes, knights, Napoleon’s soldier, barefoot farmers, stilt-walkers and unicorn stopped visitors at the stands.   

You could took a picture of the scene and film disguised from past centuries, saw the climate photographs and read the poetry of local artists. On the stands, in addition to promotional materials, there were plenty of regional and traditional food and beverages, crafts products and almost all of them with a snail motif – the Cittaslow logotype. For tourists and residents Lubawa prepared free tastings of local dishes and artistic performances.

There was plenty of activities for children, who also can play in a separate area with interesting animations and watch a movie in the cinema (film about TURBO snail). All families could try their skills in a new rope park.

There were also sports attractions - football match between Cittaslow team (consisting of mayors and proxies) and Lubawa. After a fierce battle, full of devotion and dramatic turns Lubawa won 3:2.

A conference was held during the festival  - "Cittaslow - the brand that build identity of a small town", with the participation of Marshal of the Warminsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, Mr. Gustaw Marek Brzezin and the Chairman of the Regional Council, Mr. Piotr Żuchowski.

During the conference the National Scientific Committee was established, special body of the national network which will support individual cities with practical and theoretical knowledge.

Two foreign delegation participated in this event – Italian and Croatian with the representatives of KLIS – we hope that future member of the Cittaslow International. 

On 20 of May in Hartek Resort the General Assembly of Polish National Network was held. 

Cities passed resolution about new member – the City of Jeziorany. During the meeting the representatives of GŁUBCZYCE presented another pretender for Cittaslow Int’l. Ihe idea of  the Cittaslow movement, based on quality of life in a small towns, not only well taken root on Warmia and Mazury, but also reached the other part of our country.