this year the feast of Easter will not be like the others, but I think we can all be inspired by the founding feelings of this feast of Christianity, the "passage" and the "resurrection", to overcome all together in the world this difficult moment, free each in the his confession, whether religious or secular.

First of all, our thoughts go to the many lives we have lost because of the coronavirus, which has severely affected our communities and many loved ones.

In an already uncertain time due to an often ephemeral and counterproductive development model - as Cittaslow has been denouncing since the beginning - COVID-19 has further showed all the structural errors of our "fast" civilization that is independent of nature and from history.

Cittaslow promotes as we know and strives to apply every day in our communities a social and economic model that takes into account the cultures expressed over the centuries and the limits imposed by the biosphere. We reiterate here that there is no future of "easy living", neither for towns nor for the countryside, in the absence of a definitive general taking of responsibility for our "limits".

From this hard lesson we Cittaslow and the whole world will have to take even more momentum and commitment to pursue virtuous paths, for the next generations and for the planet. We Cittaslow citizens and  Mayors have always aimed at increasing the QUALITY of life, not only the quantity. If the diseases are "Yin", to defend oneself one must become "Yang", that is, strong, concrete, concentrated, active, warm, bright ...

We know, many of you mayors are now in the trenches, and someone like our Vice-President Mauro Migliorini Mayor of Asolo, has returned to work in the hospital with courage and a spirit of service ...: there will be many sacrifices to be made, but surely we will overcome all the difficulties, all together, helping each other. The examples of SOLIDARITY that you have expressed in the Cittaslow are already a strong sign in this direction. The link below allows you to take a look at the many ways of solidarity that have flourished in these weeks on natural ways in the Cittaslow, between different Cittaslows and between Cittaslow National Networks ... We are facing a test that strengthens us and will strengthen future generations , with the certainty of arriving at a better society.

With our heart, happy Easter!

The President
Stefano Pisani

The Secretary General
Pier Giorgio Oliveti