Cittaslow awards in Mirande for 16 local establishments


8 years ago, Mirande obtained the international quality label, Cittaslow, and since then, worked hard to make the local population aware of the interest of developping quality in the services they propose.
On the 14th of May, Pierre Beaudran, Mayor of Mirande and Coordinator of the French Cittaslow Network, had invited 16 local establishments for the « Cittaslow Awards 2019 ».
He wished to reward all the people in the town very much involved in the Cittaslow philosophy :

1- Mirande agricultural High school: the students take care of the Conservatory of the local breed « Mirandaise cow », are very much involved in preserving biodiversity, and the ironworking group realised the Cittaslow logos at the two main entrances of the town.
2 - Day-care centre for young children: the animators involved the children of « Cadichon » in the preparation of the International Assembly in Mirande.
3 - High School restaurant: An important work was realized in the choice of local and seasonal products, in ecological education and fight againt waste.
4 - Mirande photo video club: this association is very much involved in the promotion of Cittaslow actions.
5 - Lous Mirandès: local folklore group which actively supports the preservation and development of our local heritage.
6 - Mirande Philharmonic Orchestra: this inter-generational music group was very much involved in the organization of the Cittaslow International Assembly in 2018 and played the Cittaslow Hymn at this occasion.
7-11 : Butcher-caterer « Anthony » or « La Marmite Roulante », a delicatessen « L’Amour du Goût », bakery-patisserie « Mendes- Nouven » or « Aux Délices » were all rewarded for the quality of their products, their involvement in local life, and in the organization of the International Assembly last year.
12 - Leather work Duluc, this craftsman enjoys showing his creations and sharing his traditional know-how with his visitors.
13 - Embaloge garden centrefeels concerned by all our Cittaslow actions.
14 -15: Restaurants «Le Petit Maupas» and «Le Métropole» very much involved in the promotion of the label, propose on their menu, a « Cittaslow menu » with savoury local products.
16 - «Croustade Vidou» was also rewarded because their activity consists in making a traditional very special flaky pastry with apples, plums and Armagnac. They welcome visitors and explain their traditional know how.

Their participation to Cittaslow markets is regular.
All the people rewarded were very proud of this distinction which will be visible in their shops, schools, workshops....
Pierre Beaudran congratulated all these ambassadors of the Cittaslow philosophy .
The « Cittaslow Awards » could become a tradition every year in Mirande and the action will be proposed to all the towns of the French Cittaslow Network.