Cittaslow Supporter Busan City: Technical University of Eindhoven visits Busan & eco-campus Silla University in Corea


On May 17 about 30 students from the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands visited the City of Busan in Corea, the first Cittaslow Supporter of the network. In their request to look around Busan that supports the Cittaslow Movement, the National Cittaslow Corea Network arranged some programs for them.

They looked around the Seagull Track and the Gamcheon Culture Village, urban restoration concept programs, and attended a lecture in Silla University that is acknowledged as an eco-campus by the Cittaslow International. In the lecture, Prof. bon sohn of the NCCN gave a lecture in English titled in "Slowcity toward Manbonism and Capitalism" to the students.