Italy: Bertinoro (FC)/Orvieto (TR) - The Food Journey

Italian National Network

Presentation WFSC 

The first International Workshop on Food Supply Chain - WFSC will be held on June 26 in Bertinoro (FC) and on June 30 in Orvieto (TR), Italy. 

This workshop will host the annual meeting of the International Wine Supply Chain Council (http://www.scl.gatech.edu/wscc/). Participants to the workshop are researchers and professionals from different countries such as Australia, Mexico, United States, Italy, etc. First results of the international project on traceability of food products, "Food Supply Chain - Bologna University" , will be illustrated. Participants and research contributions are expected from academics, food producers, logistic providers, food associations, public institutions, etc. 

The Workshop belongs to the schedule of the project Food Supply Chain which started in 2010 by the University of Bologna - Department of Industrial Engineering (DIEM) and Food Science - and in collaboration with several inter-national research institutions. The aim of the project is to study all problems arising from the transport of food products in order to protect and enhance the export of local foods, and identify critical issues & new opportunities for the distribution chain. 

Call for Papers 

During the workshop in Bertinoro an international conference on food supply chain topics (see the "Call for papers" section and "Topics of conference" section in the website) is organized: contributions are welcome from university, industry and resource institution. Submitted papers will be reviewed for merit and contents. Also in-progress research will be accepted. 

Important Dates: 

- Deadline Abstract "Scientific Papers": March 15, 2011 

- Discounted Workshop Registration Deadline: March 31 , 2011 

- Full paper submission: May 15, 2011 

- Workshop Registration Deadline: June 20 , 2011 

Scientific Committee (draft) 

Riccardo Manzini, Bologna University (Chairman); John Bartholdi, Georgia Tech (USA); Susan Cholette, San Francisco State University (USA); Emilio Ferrari, Bologna University; Mauro Gamberi, Padova University; Maria Elisabetta Guer-zoni, Bologna University; Giovanni Lercker, Bologna University; Alejandro Mac-Cawley, Georgia Tech (USA) and PUC (Chile); Leorey Marquez, CSIRO, Au-stralia; Sergio Maturana, PUC (Chile); Luigi Ragni, Bologna University; Claudio Riponi, Bologna University; etc. 

Draft program of the workshop 

Monday, June 27 - Bertinoro CEUB 

- Registration of participants at the workshop 

- Start of "Workshop Food Supply Chain" 

- Presentation of workshop participants and their research units 

- "Wine supply chain Meeting" 

- Presentation of scientific papers 

Tuesday, June 28 - Bertinoro CEUB 

- Presentation of scientific papers 

- Public meeting with industry associations, institutions, manufactu-rers and distributors logistics (free participation after online registra-tion) 

- Future developments and new challenges for Food Supply Chain 

Wednesday, June 29 - Bertinoro CEUB, Orvieto and Titignano (Orvieto) 

- Visit production facility / farm in Romagna 

- Transfer to Orvieto 

- Public meeting in the palace of taste / "Cittąslow" with members of Consortium Wines of Orvieto and institutions 

- Transfer to the farm Titignano (Orvieto - TR) 

Thursday, June 30 - Orvieto e Titignano (Orvieto) 

- Visits to wineries and oil mills 

Friday, July 1 - Orvieto e Titignano (Orvieto) 

- Visits to wineries and oil mills 

- Closing Workshop 

Topics of conference 

Food supply chain, Postharvest logistics, Cold chain logistics, Perishable inventory, Food logistics, Green logistics and green foodstuffs, Resour-ce efficiency and sustainability, Economics of food chain, Food traceabi-lity, RFID, Food packaging, Food safety & quality, Food storage systems and devices, Foodstuff transportation issues, Foodstuff shipment, Di-stribution networks, Distribution planning, Food production control, Product losses due to vibrations and temperature changes during tran-sport, Food sensory quality and transport, etc. 

For information and registration: