Genova (IT) - Slow Fish 2011

Italian National Network

Small-scale fishers: A threatened species. That's the common thread of this year's edition of Slow Fish. Without ignoring the on-going depletion of our oceans and seas, attention will be focused on the people around the world who make their living from fishing, who serve as custodians of the sea and who carry with them an invaluable legacy of memory and traditional knowledge. 

Once again the Slow Fish calendar is packed with events: guided tastings at theTaste Workshops, renowned chefs at the Theater of Taste, opportunities for reflection and debate with leading experts at the Water Workshops and the educational experiences Sea, Fish and Fishers and Markets, Menus and Cooks for the public and schools. 

The event offers many participative ways to explore all the Slow Fish activities dedicated to the future of small-scale coastal fishing, looking at the difficult balance between safeguarding the income of fishers and protecting the marine resources on which their livelihood depends. 

Slow Fish is an opportunity for retracing the story of artisanal fishing, learning how it works, what cultures it involves, its hardships and skills, as well as discovering how much small-scale fishing has changed today, how it relates to the world and how it has suffered from globalization, and hearing firsthand from the producers of the Presidia of the Sea and those exhibiting in the richly varied Market section.