Balloon art and Cittaslow at the Int’l Handicrafts Trade Fair

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FLORENCE, ITALY – The International Handicrafts Trade Fair is a big event organised by Firenze Fiera on April 21-29, 2012 at the Fortezza da Basso, Florence, Italy. An event which hosted the most important master craftsmen of history inside a privileged space, where tradition and innovation merge to create extremely valuable handmade products.

Every year, here you can admire the works of the ancient Florence workshops, as well as remote arts which are being rediscovered through the fair itineraries, following a harmonious path among the Italian regions and the countries of the whole world.

This year the International Handicraft Fair will be hosting Cittaslow, a movement born in 1999 by an idea of Paolo Saturnini. The purpose of Cittaslow International is to spread a new lifestyle, applying the philosophy of Slow Food to towns development and everyday life. In this way everyone will be able to regain the ownership of their time, enjoying the slow and natural succession of the seasons, living an healthy life, surrounded and enriched by the traditions of handicraft. Cittaslow International will be hosted in the Polveriera building

This year the Fair will host also “Baci 2012”, a Balloon Art show full of colours and joy. The show is set to begin on Friday, April 20 and ends on Tuesday 24, the main themes will be arts and crafts. A very interesting and entertaining event, for both children and parents, featuring characters from history: gladiators, poets, astronauts and even Leonardo and Albert Einstein.

The International Handicrafts Trade Fair is open everyday The International Handicrafts Trade Fair from 10am to 11pm (on the 29th April, the last day: closing time at 8pm).

Source: http://www.florencedailynews.com/