Cittaslow 2013 General Assembly, Seferihisar, İzmir Programme

Cittaslow 2013 General Assembly
Seferihisar, İzmir 

4-­‐5-­‐6 June 2013 
07:00-­‐00:00 Transport from the Airport throughout the day to Euphoria Aegean.

7 June 2013 Friday 
08:45-­‐09:00 Meeting the Volunteers 
09:00-­‐09:10 Coffee break 
09:10-­‐09:50 General Assembly opening speeches (Mayor of Seferihisar Tunç Soyer, President of Cittaslow International Gian Luca Marconi, Chairman of the Republican People's Party Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu) 
10:00 Transfer to the Nature School, Orhanlı village 
11:00-­‐11:45 Nature school presentation and visit 
11:45-­‐ Transfer to the festival grounds in Orhanlı village 
11:50-­‐12:00 Folk dancing from the Orhanlı dance team 
12:00-­‐13:30 Lunch (Dishes from the Cittaslows of Turkey) 
13:10-­‐13:20 Folk dancing from the Perşembe dance team 
13:30-­‐14:30 Transfer to Ephesus 
14:30-­‐16:45 Visit to Ephesus 
16:45 Transfer to St. Mary's 
17:00-­‐17:45 Visit of St. Mary's 
17:45-­‐19:00 Transfer to Seferihisar 
19:00-­‐20:00 Rest 
20:00 Transfer from the hotel to dinner. 
20:15-­‐21:00 Opening cocktail (Orchestra of Yaşar University and modern dance show) – Kayıkici Restaurant, Sığacık 
21:00-­‐00:00 Dinner (Sığacık) – Kayıkici Restaurant, Sığacık 

***07:00-­‐00:00 Transport from the airport will be running throughout the day

8 June 2013 Saturday 
08:30-­‐09:00 Registration 
09:00-­‐13:00 General Assembly [Hotel] 
11:15-­‐11:30 Coffee Break 
13:00-­‐13:15 Izmir EXPO 2020 candidacy presentation 
13:15-­‐15:00 Lunch [Hotel] 
15:00-­‐15:30 Rest
15:30-­‐20:00 Tour of Seferihisar (Children's municipality, Ulamış Cooperative, Cittaslow Turkey Slow Food stands, Water colour festival) 
20:00-­‐00:00 Cocktail on the pier of the Euphoria Aegean.