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About Uzundere:

Uzundere Town that is connected Erzurum is 84 kilometers distance from city centre. It is built in Erzurum-Artvin highway (950-02) as its geographical location. Town centre's height from the sea is 1050 meters. It is guessed that Uzundere has a historical past with 3000 years. It became ministry in 1955 an town in 19 June in 1987. It became a member of Cittaslow in 2016.

Don't Turn Back Without Doing These;

-Without doing Rafting and Trecking

-Without Seeing Tortum Waterfall and Tortum Lake

-Without Doing Wild Life and bird observation

-Without Discovering nature with bicycle

-Without Going Kamp in nature

-Without Eating Natural Traditional flavor

-Without Eating Tandoor

-Without Talking to town's friendly people at least seven words,

-Without Tasting fig dessert that energize and give youth

Tortum Waterfall Tortum Lake Seven Lakes Jeopark Flora Wild Life and it is so generous with the other entire speciality.

It is included cultural value as Öşk Monastery, Engüzek Castle, Sapaca Castle, İnçer Mosque, Köptek Inn.

It has been done rafting, lake canoe, sailing, climbing and nature sport, trecking, cycling, and swimming.


Rural Life:
You feel as being travelled to history with ceiling of swallow, storehouse, iwan house.

The women in Tortum Valley consist of chine rural life and economical activity. The women draw attention with their productive in the vineyard and orchards.

Tableland and transhumance are one of the important indicators of traditional agricultural activity in the region.

It is a cuisine that is gathered are expert of food. Uzundere cuisine's most important feature is being natural. Uzundere cuisine has a lot pie, dessert, marmalade, sweetened fruit juice and winter preparation.

Biography of Mayor

He was born in Erzurum 19 March in 1962. He graduated from History Department of Literature Faculty in İstanbul University in 1986.

He finished the graduate study Local Administrations and Decentralisation in University of Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN.

He joined a lot of seminary and courses and he has six published books and a lot of articles.

He is selected as a Mayor in the election of 28 March 2004 and he has worked. He is married with two children.


Representative Cittaslow
Bayram DENİZ