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Torgiano is a medieval town in the heart of Umbria, built on the confluence of the river Tiber with the river Chiascio, immersed among hills covered in vineyards and olive groves.

Torgiano's history is tied to ancient Rome. A legend ties its origins to the name of the god Janus, to which the ancient tower called "Torre di Giano" (Janus's tower) is dedicated.

The Chiascio and Tiber have not only affected the geological conformation of the Torgiano area but contributed to its historical, economic and urbanistic development.

Known for its excellent local products, especially wine and oil, the town has managed to combine its past with a modern vocation concerning hospitality, ensuring that its visitors and residents have comfortable stays in a green oasis of peace and tranquillity.

Nature trails allow you to follow long stretches of the Tiber river's banks, in an agricultural context that seems to have remained frozen in time.

Thanks to the efforts of Giorgio Lungarotti - which since the mid '60s laid the foundations of modern Umbrian oenology - Torgiano is today one of the great and undisputed capitals of Italian wine.


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Valeria Fanini - Assessore al Turismo Comune di Torgiano