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Geographical area

  • Germany-Saxony - Ore Mountains

1244 first documentary mentioning of the castle

1343 market and town rights for the first time

1633 during the Thirty Years' War the city and the castle were burnt down

1815 reconstruction of the "Castle Hoheneck"

1 May 1841 first weekly paper was printed by F. Keller at today´s townhall

1 May 1853 first edition of the scoreboard for Stollberg and vicinity opening of the municipal saving bank
1855 Coustruction of the big factory buildings of the company F. E . Woller (stocking producer)

1864 opening of the “Castle Hoheneck” as a prison

15 May 1879 opening of the rail connection between Stollberg and St.Egidien

1886 laying the foundation stone for the new town hall

1939 opening of the motorway section Chemnitz – Stollberg

April 1945 bombardment of the city by Americans forces

1952 reformation of the district Stollberg Stollberg became district town

1954 floods in Stollberg

04 Nov 1989 first demonstration of the civil right movement "New Forum" on the market

03.10.1990 German Reunification Day mayor Mathias Wirth plants the lime tree

for the German unity

2001 closing down of the women's prison "Hoheneck"

As Stollberg is located between the big Cities Chemnitz and Zwickau and as two motorway exit, it is an ideal place for the industrial estate. Furthermore there are a lot of shops and several big factories and businesses. Many businesses are organized at Stollberg trade union.

Main events

  • town festival in July
  • Shopping Event Night in September
  • Farmer Market Event in October
  • Christmas Market at the weekend of 2nd Advent

Fairs and Markets

  • Weekly fresh market

Typical Products

  • Stollen
  • Baumkuchen
  • Bühler´s hot mulled wine
  • Meat and eggs from Ahner´s Farm
  • Ore mountain handcrafts

Traditional recipes

  • Stollen
  • Baumkuchen

Representatives of Cittaslow: