Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Member of the Polish National Network

Gate to the region. A peaceful, but unusually interesting city located among numerous lakes, forests and natural parks, has a broad range of tourist attractions. The rich history, the hospitality of the inhabitants, the traditional cuisine and the unique atmosphere of a small town contribute to its versatile offer of active relaxation. It is definitely worth paying a visit.


  • Church of St. Thomas the Apostle, Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of the Village of Łąki - a Gothic temple from the 14th century famous for its a unique complex of baroque and gothic wall paintings,
  • The remnants of gothic fortresses including the gate tower of Brodnica and the gate tower of Lubawa,
  • The Former Evangelical Church – which dates back to 1912, situated in the very heart of the market square in place of the Medieval town hall which was burnt down in the year 1806 – presently it functions as a cinema,
  • The Ruins of the Monastery of Father Reformers in Łąki Bratiańskie, formerly called "Prussian Częstochowa",
  • The Museum of the Land of Lubawa (in the Brodnica tower), where the model of a special boat for rescuing survivors from shipwrecked submarines, patented in 1912 is an interesting exhibit.

Tourist routes

  • Wildlife Educational Trail in the "Valley of the Drwęca River"- the trail is about 4 km long and leads from Nowe Miasto, along the river, to the village of Mszanowo,
  • Water Procession – every year on September 8th, during the church fair of the Virgin Mary of the village of Łąki, the only existing procession of the holy figure in Poland takes place on a boat along the river (it refers to a medieval legend about a miraculous revelation) from the St. Thomas Collegiate Church to the nearby village of Łąki Bratiańskie,
  • Drwęca River– the largest nature reserve countrywide, characterised by ecological conditions which are unique on a European scale. An interesting canoeing route.


  • Kurzętnik – ruins of a Chapter Castle from the 14th century, built by the Chełm Chapter,
  • Łąkorz – the local museum with collections related to dairy farming, agriculture and black-smithing.

Culinary Heritage

  • Zajazd nad Drwęcą – The facility offers regional, old-Polish cuisine based on the recipes of our mothers and grandmothers,
  • Wiesław Dreszler Manufacture of Cooked Meats – this is a family company, whose beginnings date back to the year 1948. The recipes used for the production of cooked meat remember the pre-war times and are based on natural spices.

Tourist inforamtion
ul. Rynek 23 (the building of the old Evangelical Church) phone 0048 56 474 23 44

Cittaslow Representatives:
Józef Blank – Mayor of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Supervisor Cittaslow Nowe Miasto Lubawskie – Jerzy Grządzielewski