Dobre Miasto

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Dobre Miasto (formerly German Guttstadt ) - it's a city with about 11 thousand inhabitants in Warmian part of the Warmia and Mazury province, in Olsztyn county, about 25 km north of Olsztyn.

Important roads cross nearby the city: road no 51, provincial: 507, 530, 593, railway line Olsztyn - Braniewo and Łyna river flows, the eleventh longest in the country.
Dobre Miasto was built in the place of the Prussian castle, situated in the midst of swamps and marshes, on the banks of the River Łyna, on an artificial island created for defense needs and the needs of the mill.

In 1329 the bishop of Warmia Henry II Wogenap granted the settlement town privileges.
The coat of arms of the city is a deer holding an oak-wig with two acorns, standing on green grass. Patron saint of the city is Catherine of Alexandria.

The city is a thriving center of services - acting as the local industrial economic center.
Here work enterprises well known in the country and in Europe, among others:
DFM Company , 'BMT International', Confectionary Factory 'Jutrzenka-Dobre Miasto', Ursus Company, DeLaval Company, NEONET SA.

It is also a place where culture of a good life is deliberately spread over through the use of experience, values, knowledge and art characteristic for small towns. With this in mind, a typical Warmian barn and historic houses along with the remains of the bastion walls, have been adapted for a place where we organize cultural events. Another example of the implementation of the ​​Cittaslow idea is the construction along with three other municipalities canoeing rest places on the River Łyna. The same aim have also major cultural events in the life of the city: Jazzteaval, craft fairs and Municipal Harvest Festival , Cittaslow Sunday and the promotion of local products such as sourdough bread, cheese, honey and sauerkraut.

Plenipotentiary of the Mayor for Cittaslow:
Anna Pogorzelska