Welcome to the north-east of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The municipality of Clervaux is located in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes and consists of 17 picturesque small villages. The municipality of Clervaux is committed to the valorisation of local history and the improvement of public spaces in the villages. The history of the town and its neighbourhoods offers opportunities for development.

To the north-east, the municipality of Clervaux borders Belgium, and to the east, the Our forms the border with Germany. The area of the municipality of Clervaux is 85.6096 km2, which corresponds to 3.31% of the total area of the Grand Duchy. In terms of surface area, Clervaux is the second largest municipality in Luxembourg. 

There are 6100 inhabitants in the municipality of Clervaux. The historic town of Clervaux has 1554 inhabitants (as of 2 October 2023). 

Clervaux is the first municipality in Luxembourg to become a Cittaslow member, and has been since 27 November 2021. The municipality of Clervaux has long been committed to the themes of local production, slow food, traditional crafts, sustainability and improving the quality of life. 

The Cittaslow town of Deidesheim from the Palatinate and the partner municipality of Eijsden-Margraten from the Netherlands have supported the municipality of Clervaux in an advisory capacity during the preparation of the candidature. Cross-border exchange is an important part of the Cittaslow network and will always be.


Valorisation of local history 

The medieval castle of Clervaux, together with the parish church and the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Maurice, characterise the townscape of Clervaux. The castle of Clervaux in particular is a magnet for visitors. The historic castle not only houses the municipal administration of Clervaux, but also 3 art collections: the exhibition of models of the castles and palaces of Luxembourg, the Museum of the Battle of the Ardennes and the famous photo exhibition “The Family of Man” by Edward Steichen, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

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Visite audio-guidée de la ville ? 

Découvrez à l’aide de votre smartphone la petite ville luxembourgeoise de Clervaux. La « Lauschtour » est une visite audio-guidée de la ville de Clervaux, la ville des images et des comtes luxembourgeois, qui y ont laissé des traces impressionnantes au fil des siècles !


Art and culture - for and with everyone

The Eislek region is as remarkable for its culture as it is for its nature. Anyone interested in the art or history of the region and its romantic towns will enjoy the valuable cultural heritage on offer.

Improvement of public spaces 

Clervaux has always been considered a “city of the image”. The perception and public visibility of the image in all its facets, with a particular focus on photography, characterise the cultural vision of the town and its inhabitants. “Clervaux - cité de l'image”, an open-air exhibition of contemporary photography, highlights the city of Clervaux throughout the year with new themes that can be visited by everyone.

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Local an regional products

Located and related to the Natural Park Our, the municipality of Clervaux supports the concept of sustainable product range diversification through its consultancy service for “Regional Products”, which also helps the agricultural entrepreneurs of the region to market new products. 


Our recommendations for your next visit:

Zero Kilometer Climate Pact Plate: The 0 km plate, an ultra-local suggestion. The local gastronomy is encouraged to offer a menu with products from own or local cultivation. This is the aim of the name "0 km". This is a pilot project to raise the awareness of local restaurateurs for the potential impact of their menus on the ecology. The kitchen of the Robbesscheier Nature Experience Centre in Munshausen (10 min. from Clervaux) serves regional products and delicacies that were made from home-grown vegetables, herbs and potatoes. Even some of their meat dishes were made from animals bred on the center’s own premises. 

Apple juice from Saint Maurice de Clervaux Abbey 

18,000 bottles are produced each year by the small factory set up in a farm next to the abbey. A “modest” activity which enables the monks to make a living.


Local cheese “La Ferme de Drauffelt” 

The farm features an idyllic restaurant, gourmet workshops and Yves Radelet's cheese dairy. A wide range of fresh products such as cheese, yoghurts and charcuterie are locally produced and made at “La Ferme de Drauffelt”, from Yves Radelet, in Drauffelt.


Local products “Ourdaller” from Kalborn

For 25 years, farmers in the Nature Park Our have been growing mustard, rapeseed, sunflower, flax, hemp, poppies and buckwheat in their fields. These raw materials are then processed in the workshops in Kalborn or the surrounding area to produce high-quality foodstuffs. The fields are a paradise for insects, birds and bees all year round. The colourful "Bléiepad" is also a delight for walkers.


Cittaslow walk - the former animal park 

The former animal park at Clervaux, which can be reached from the Rue du Parc or via the Chapelle Saint Hubert de Reuler, was built in its day at the request of the Counts DE LANNOY (17th-19th centuries) and offered the nobility not only the opportunity to enjoy hunting, but also a vast leisure area. Today, this place steeped in history, which was once home to fallow deer, is an extensive hiking and excursion destination in a natural environment for young and old alike! 

Follow in the footsteps of the DE LANNOY counts, who ruled Clervaux for centuries, and discover important sites and a richly wooded landscape on this 3 km trail. Along the way, six QR code terminals and an audio station await you, with interesting anecdotes and information.

Fancy an audiovisual tour of the park?

Curious and thirsty for knowledge thirsty for knowledge, two young Luxembourgish teenagers take you on a journey through the park and explain some of the most important points of the former animal park of Clervaux. The video has English subtitles. 

Main events 

Traditional fresh Market in Clervaux centre (every 3rd Thursday of the month from March to October)

Easter Market in Clervaux centre, on Easter Monday, 1 April 2024

Clervaux Castle Summer Music Festival, music festival dedicated to promising young Luxembourg bands and artists, in front of the Château de Clervaux, Friday and Saturday, from 19 July to 10 August 2024

Cittaslow-Week, a week of "good and slow living" activities: guided walks, evening quizzes, horse-drawn carriage rides, workshops, etc. from 22 to 28 September 2024

“Traulicht”-Weeks, in Munshausen, "Traulichter" are homemade lanterns made from turnips, into which scary grimaces are carved. In the traditional custom, candles were placed in them and lit, then carried across the countryside in the early evening hours and placed next to the stable doors. They were supposed to drive away illnesses and evil spirits. This tradition is kept alive, from 21 to 30 October 2024

The Haunted Castle, customised cultural performances based on regional legends and sagas, with citizen participation, around and in the historic castle of Clervaux, from 25 to 27 October 2024 

Haupeschmaart, traditional market of regional products in Munshausen, 10th November 2024

Christmas Market, 8th December 2024

Representatives of Cittaslow: 

Mayor Mr Georges Keipes

Nadine Nicks 
City Manager Clervaux