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The municipality of Clervaux (in French: Clervaux) is a municipality in the north-east of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Located in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, the municipality of Clervaux comprises 17 charming and picturesque villages. In the northeast the municipality of Clervaux meets Belgium, in the east the river “Our” forms the border with Germany. The surface of the municipality of Clervaux is 85.6096 km2, which corresponds to 3.31% of the total area of ​​the Grand Duchy. In terms of area, Clervaux is the second largest municipality in Luxembourg.



The ensemble of the medieval castle of Clervaux, together with the parish church and the Benedictine abbey of Saint-Maurice, is characteristic of the townscape of the town of Clervaux. Clervaux Castle, in particular, has shaped the image of the municipality of Clervaux, not least because of the settlement of well-known permanent art exhibitions. The castle not only houses the Clervaux municipal administration, but also 3 collections: the exhibition of models of the castles and palaces of Luxembourg, the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge and the famous photography exhibition "The Family of Man" by Edward Steichen, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List will. “Clervaux - cité de l’image”, a contemporary outdoor photo exhibition, highlights the little town Clervaux all the year with new themes open to be visited by everyone.

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Located and related to the Natural Park Our, the municipality of Clervaux supports the concept of sustainable product range diversification through its consultancy service for “Regional Products”, which also helps the agricultural entrepreneurs of the region to market new products. 

For example: The Zero Kilometer Climate Pact Plate: this is a pilot project to raise the awareness of local restaurateurs for the potential impact of their menus on the ecology.

The kitchen of the Robbesscheier Nature Experience Centre in Munshausen (10 min. from Clervaux) serves regional products and delicacies that were made from home-grown vegetables, herbs and potatoes. Even some of their meat dishes were made from animals bred on the center’s own premises. 


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The climate commitment of the municipality of Clervaux became the guide for all municipal projects and considerations. In 2022, the municipality's efforts were confirmed with a certification of 83.2%. Clervaux is thus among the 71 best European Gold municipalities out of more than 1700 participating municipalities. In this context, the implementation of the public lighting master plan should be listed as a "best practice", with replacement of the outdated lighting technology in public spaces with sustainable LED lighting systems. This lighting significantly reduces light emissions and counteracts light pollution. In addition, all public lighting will be dimmed for the night.

The municipality of Clervaux is committed to enhancing the local history and developing the public spaces of its villages. The history of the town and its surroundings serves as a potential for development. It is a matter of aiming at a careful urban renewal and promoting a sustainable urban development. In this context, Clervaux has worked to promote, in close collaboration with the Our Nature Park, the revival of the historic former wildlife park in Clervaux. The project revives the historical heritage together with the nature park and the forester through the planning and implementation of a circuit through the former game park of the counts.

The opening is planned for spring 2023.

The municipality of Clervaux invests its efforts in the heritage of future generations. Unlike the rhythms of a big city, which are often considered too fast, a Cittaslow is a city where you can find tranquility and which bases its image on gastronomy, local products and its heritage. Sustainable agriculture, crafts and tourism are important areas to define a community where it is good to live.

The project "Climate Pacte plate 0 km" is a "best practice" example. Here, the local gastronomy is encouraged to offer a menu with products from own or local cultivation. This is the aim of the name "0 km". In doing so, the project strengthens local restaurants' awareness of the environmental impact of menu items.


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Clervaux has many years of cooperation and exchanges with the Cittaslow municipality of Eijsden-Margraten in the Netherlands. And looks forward to strengthen the relations with the city of Deidesheim in Germany and the city of Horn in Austria. 

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Main events 

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Fairs and Markets

  • Traditional fresh Market in Clervaux centre, every third Thursday of the month (from March to October) 
  • Easter Market in Clervaux centre, on Monday, April 10th 2023
  • Local Fair in Clervaux centre, on September 1st to 4th 2023
  • Outdoor Seasonal Clearance Sale, in Clervaux centre, September 10th 2023
  • “Haupeschmaart“, traditional spirited market of regional products, in Munshausen, November 12th 2023
  • Christmas Market, December 10th 2023 


Typical Products 
Ourdaller products, grown and processed in the Our valley nature park in northern Luxembourg, in Kalborn (municipality of Clervaux) 

A selection of fresh products such as cheese, bread and sausages are produced entirely at "La Ferme de Drauffelt". The farm is located in Drauffelt (municipality of Clervaux). 

Beer lovers will appreciate the fact that the Our valley brewery produces 4 unique beers, including an absolutely exceptional buckwheat beer. Produced in Heinerscheid, at Cornelyshaff (municipality of Clervaux). 

Representatives of Cittaslow: 
Mayor and member of the Chamber of Deputies, Emile Eicher 

City Manager Clervaux, Nadine Nicks