Civitella in Val di Chiana

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The municipal territory is in Arezzo’s province.  It extends for 100.4 square kilometres and there are about 8.000 inhabitants, with a density of about 80 inhabitants a square kilometre. The altitude of the built-up areas goes from about 300 to 600 metres.  Most people (about 70%) live on the plain, in villages such as Badia al Pino, Pieve al Toppo, Tegoleto e Viciomaggio.The administrative centre has been Badia al Pino since 1917 when the Town Hall was moved there from Civitella, which as kept the original denomination, though. Civitella area borders Laterina, Bucine and Pergine in Val d’Arno to the north-west; Monte San Savino in Val di Chiana to the south and Arezzo to the north-east.

Museum of the Vine and Wine
The museum of the Vine and Wine managed by Pro Loco of Ciggiano was inaugurated in May  2009 and is located in the heart of the town where once there was the “Old Mill”. The museum explains all the phases of wine production: From the harvest, the Vinification process until the Bottling. This permanent exhibition has the aim to explain the importance of this local tradition in the territory and introduce some old gears used for this labour. The tools date back to the half of the XIX th. Century and the beginning of the XX th. and are displayed according a temporal route to describe the annual phases of the cultivation of the vineyard and the vinification. From the pruning tools and the fungicides treatments to a variety of cruschers machinery and winepress, from the ancient pumps and vats to transfer the must to the filters and other objects to conserve the wine in cellar, from the first machineries to bottle to old corkscrew,  “Osteria” bottles and pitchers. All this is accompanied by a complete panorama about the tools for the making and maintenance of wooden barrels and the pruning  of the Vine plant. The museum also consists of an exhibition of local wines and oils.

Guided tasting with local products are likely to be organized on appointment.
Summer opening time: Sat. 16–18 p.m. / Sun. 10 a.m.-12 p.m. In winter it opens on appointment.
For further information, call the Town Hall Library 
+39 (0)575 445303 or URP + 39 (0) 575 44 5312

Contemporary Art Gallery
Born from the ultra forty years old review and exhibition of visual art cured by the the Municipality and the “Pro Loco” Of Civitella in Val di Chiana, the contemporary art gallery is located in the centre of the town in Don Alcide lazzeri square. More than 80 selected works of art representing the artistic tendencies of the second half of the XX th. Century. The visit to the gallery is an interesting experience for art lovers but also a pleasant occasion for visitors who are curious to be introduced to contemporary art. It is possible to visit the gallery on appointment calling the following numbers + 39 (0) 575 448001 or +39 (0) 575 445303 (Town Hall Library) - + 39 (0) 575 445312 URP.