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Geographical area
Beauvechain is located in the province of Walloon Brabant, at the
linguistic border with the Vlaams Brabant.
The municipality includes the villages of Beauvechain, Hamme-Mille,
L'Ecluse, Nodebais and Tourinnes-la-Grosse.
Its territory covers an area of 3859 hectares for 7303 inhabitants
The municipality of Beauvechain is twinned with the French
commune of Avord and the City of Septaine (France-Central Region -
Department of Cher).

Renowned since time immemorial for the exceptional fertility of its
agricultural soils, Beauvechain owes its name, formed from the words bavo and heim - home of the people
of Bavon - to this saint of noble origin who is said to have lived in our village during the first half of the 7th
When the communes merged on January 1, 1977, the greater Beauvechain area had six villages, including
five former communes: Beauvechain itself and La Bruyère, its long-standing hamlet, Hamme-Mille, L'Ecluse,
Nodebais and Tourinnes-la-Grosse.
From the end of the 10th century and for 700 years, Tourinnes and Beauvechain were enclaves of the
Principality of Liège, sharing its destiny. Two remarkable elements still bear witness to this rich past of
Mosan tradition: the church of Saint-Martin in Tourinnes and the baptismal font in Beauvechain.

As our village is predominantly agricultural, most of our residents work outside the area.
However, we have many farmers producing a wide range of products: strawberries, potatoes, honey, h am,
coffee, cereals, dairy products, flowers and much more!
We also have various sports facilities: dance, tennis, soccer, paddle, and soon a swimming pool.

Coming to live in Beauvechain means choosing a pleasant living environment, in the heart of nature, while
being close to the city. You will appreciate the calm, the landscapes and the beauty of our countryside, but
also the friendliness of our inhabitants, the mutual aid that exists and the events that make the reputation
of our town. There is indeed something for everyone, young and old. Beyond the traditional events, cultural
associations and sports clubs that are just waiting to welcome you, in Beauvechain, we also want to offer a
whole program for lovers of culture and sports activities. Our objective is to learn to live together while
respecting the foundations of our beautiful municipality.

Main events
Festive markets (one Friday per month)
Beauvechain's party (June)
Village's scenes (June)
Welcoming new residents (June)