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Bartoszyce is a town in which can be defined with two words: "Town with a Heart" and "Town of 3 Cultures". The first name is connected to the heart-shaped lake located in the town and to citizens and tourists' warmth and open hearts. The second definition stems from the fact that in particular Bartoszyce is the city of three interpenetrating each other's cultures: Polish, German and Ukrainian. You can meet here a few accents of these ethnic groups, such as local events, fairs, festivals, meetings with traditional needlework and culinary specialties, in particular, on the basis of honey - a product derived from historical Barcja.

Bartoszyce is the town with an area of 11 km2, located in the Northern part of Warmian – Masurian Voivodeship on the Sępopolska Plain in the valley of the River Łyna. Geographical coordinates of the town are 54° 16' N 20° 49' E. Bartoszyce is 17 km from the border with Russia. Through Bartoszyce and nearby international border crossing off Bezledy– Bagrationowsk, passes the shortest route to Kaliningrad, so the city receives the rank of major transit.

Here in Bartoszyce, the Crusaders built in 1240 one of the first castles in Prussia , where later there was settlement founded by the river of Łyna. In 1326 it was given the privilege of the town and the name of Rosenthal - Valley of the Roses. In 1332, it was replaced by a name of Bartenstein. Bartoszyce in the middle ages acquired the character of the town, surrounded by walls (1359), having all of the features of the city. During World War I it housed the seat of the German Paul von Hindenburg field-marshal. In late January and early February 1945, there were a few days of intensive fights for Bartoszyce. As a result, the Russian army entered the town. It is estimated that during the hostilities and the fires, the 50% of the town was destroyed. After the war the city was taken by Poland.

The indisputable advantage of Bartoszyce are numerous stretches of greenery, benches and seats, ultimately intended for children in the form of playgrounds and other recreation areas that are located, in particular, by the beautiful River Łyna. Throughout the city there are many places where every walking man can sit down and relax, enjoying the charming corners of the town .The town also boasts newly established, widely outdoor gym. It offers residents 10 stations equipped with 18 devices for training. Throughout many years now, there is the Tourist Information with Municipal Centre of Information where both by the telephone and personally, you can get all kinds of tourist information (phone. 48 89 762 98 80, www.
Feel invited to visit and take some active rest in natural flawless nature of Bartoszyce town.

Victorious recipe during the event called "The Culinary Heritage of the Region Bartoszyce" - Celebration of the Pancake

Pancakes by Mrs. Eve

3 cups of buckwheat and wheat flour (in half)
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of sugar
3 eggs
3 cups of milk
2 dag of yeast
5 dag of butter
fat for frying (olive, soybean oil, lard)

In tepid milk (½ cup) stir the yeast with the sugar and leave in a warm place to extent its volume. Then add them to the flour together with the egg yolks, salt and melted butter. Knead the dough irrigation with warm milk with a wooden spoon. Cover absolutely smooth dough with a cloth and leave to rise. When it doubles its volume, mix the dough with a wooden spoon to abate and leave it again to rise. Repeat this process 2 times. After the last mixing, add a whipped foam, lightly stir and begin to fry. Pour the batter with a small dipper. Turn the slightly toasted pancakes to the other side. Serve on a warm dish. They can be served with quince or cherry jam, as well as with caviar or salmon pasta and sauces based on meat.

Main events:

  • The International Days of Bartoszyce Region – first weekend of June every year (performances, competitions, fair and markets, etc.);
  • Championship in North - Eastern Poland. Rafting on the River Lyna on "just anything" – the last weekend of June;
  • Second Life Bike – first Sunday of June
  • "In Gypsy climates" - performances of Gypsy – middle of August
  • "Running with the Sports Star" – Competition in the running for children, youth and adults in the company of famous sportsman- June
  • Handicraft fairs – April, June, Sptember

Representatives of Cittaslow:
Aneta Mazur -Municipality of Bartoszyce