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Anghiari is a beautiful medieval town which sits in the hills between the Tiber and the Arno rivers. Protected by its powerful thirteenth century walls, it has been a noted reference point for many historical events, flying the flag for Tuscany in a delicately balanced borderland on the edges of Umbria and the Marche. On the 29th of June 1440 the famous Battle of Anghiari confirmed Florence’s hegemony over Tuscany, and was later commemorated by Leonardo Da Vinci’s lost fresco in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Time has left important traces in the churches and buildings of Anghiari’s old town, creating an evocative shape, centred on the steep “rut” which runs straight through the town, making it unique and unmistakable. The old town’s narrow squares and alleyways are home to antique shops and furniture restoration workshops; its museums and churches hold masterworks of painting and sculpture, and every corner affords breathtaking views and panoramas.

Anghiari, surrounded by castles and hamlets, enjoys the incredible scenery of the High Tiber Valley, where the hills make a natural amphitheatre, filled with  the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. The atmosphere is uncontaminated and rich with ancient forests studded with monasteries.
The town is well worth visiting throughout the year, thanks to its active cultural life. Fairs and exhibitions follow shows and festivals, such as: the Mostra mercato dell’Artigianato della Valtiberina Toscana (Artisan’s fair and market), the Palio della Vittoria (Victory Race), the music festival with the Southbank Sinfonia from London and I Cento Gusti dell’Appennino (the Hundred Flavours of the Apennines). 

The town’s theatrical life  is extremely rich, and every summer for the last 13 years Anghiari has hosted La Tovaglia a Quadri (the Chequered Tablecloth), a highlight of “teatro povero”. The superb local cuisine is yet another excellent reason to visit Anghiari, where many local specialities cleverly celebrate the excellent meat and fresh produce. Anybody looking for ancient traditions in good food will be able to find it in the simplicity and purity of dishes that retain the imprint of the ancient culinary traditions of Tuscany, Umbria, Romagna and the Marche.

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