"Leśny Dwór" Beekiping Farm

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Stationary beekeeping shop
Our beekeeping shop in Leśny Dwór near Szczytno offers a wide range of accessories for beekeepers and beekeeping equipment. Here you will find articles needed to run both amateur and professional apiaries. We are happy to advise you on the selection of appropriate equipment. We sell under the subsidy program for beekeepers KOWR. You're welcome!

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Tis the history of our honeys

We spend most of our time searching for unusual apiaries hidden in Masurian groves and scattered over picturesque fields. Bees lead an idyllic life there, pampered by caring beekeepers

Each jar of Leśny Dwór honey is the result of extraordinary diligence. All honeys are hand-packed, using the highest quality environmentally friendly raw materials.