"Młynomag” Company (General Partnership)

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The product excellencies

You will get to know the flour of Młynomag by the unique appearance of the packaging. Characteristic, graphic ornament announces that you can expect a product of exceptional quality and nobility. We do everything so that our customers are satisfied with us. This is the reputation for which the Grodzki Mill has been working (literally) for centuries.

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The Młynomag produces and sells (stationary and online) flour from one of the oldest operating Polish mills.
The tradition of this place dates back to the 14th century. The mill is located in Reszel, about 30 km from Mrągowo. It is the heart of Warmia and Mazury, and part of Europe's culinary heritage.
Here you will find only natural products and decades of experience of industry masters.

As you can see below, run the mill almost always was a family business. It was so in the 14th century, and so it is in the 21st century.

Today the mill drives (apart from electric motors) the passion of siblings, Mrs. Joanna and Mr. Andrzej.
It all began with their father, Mr. Paweł Rezanko, an agricultural engineer, who as a child grew up in his father's mill and inherited his talent to turn grain into flour from generations of ancestors.

When the Rezanko family was resettled from Polesie, they took care of what was always the best, i.e. making great flour.

The grandfather of the present owners (the father of Mr. Paweł) ran the mill in Srokowo until 1953, when the own businesses were forbidden by the then authorities.

Mr. Pawel returned to his family specialty in retirement. In order to continue the tradition, he sought the right place for his own mill. As it happens, he drove through the Grodzki Mill by accident - and he immediately admired this place. Today, the mill, renovated and restored to its historical state, looks much better than in 1994, when it was taken care of by the Rezanko family.

Currently, the mill is run by Mr. Pawel's children - proud that they can be the next generation of millers in the family, and that they can contribute to the Grodzki Mill the next decades to centuries of heritage.