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Mustard with sun-dried tomatoes stands out with its light, creamy consistence. Thanks to the combination of sun-dried tomatoes and apple cider vinegar it has characteristic delicate, sweetish flavour that for sure will allure the mildest mustards enthusiasts. Mustard with sun-dried tomatoes goes very well with everyday sandwiches, grilled vegetables and white meat dishes.

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Factory Wytwórnia Octu i Musztardy (The Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant) was established on 22 July 1965 in Olsztynek, Poland. In 1994, a company founded by a group of the plant’s employees bought shares in the plant from the state treasury and commenced its operations as OCTIM Vinegar and Mustard Manufacturing Plant in Olsztynek, and has continued to use this name ever since.

As one of the leading employers in the region, OCTIM now provides more than 100 jobs. Since its privatisation, the Company has increased its manufacturing capacity fifteen fold. As part of its constant development efforts, the Company launched new manufacturing lines, which expanded the Company portfolio to over 40 products, including traditional distilled vinegar and apple vinegar, cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar and malt vinegar, as well as a wide variety of flavours of mustard and ketchup.