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Our honeys are characterized by a delicate, velvety taste, produced by the natural fermentation of honey with water with the addition of noble yeast strains. Aged for many years in oak barrels, naturally clarified. Honey is not subjected to high temperature (unsaturated honey) and thus retains all the values ​​of the honey used in its production. They have a unique taste and high nutritional value due to the high content of natural linden, buckwheat, multifloral and other honey. The long aging period harmonizes the taste and aroma of the mead. The natural process of sedimentation (clarification) allows to obtain a clear and clear drink with a golden-bushy shade. Honey from Nidzica is appreciated for their highest quality and exceptionally exquisite taste. Therefore, they are very popular both in Poland and abroad. The amount of honey and water determined the basic type of honey produced in our production plant.

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Going through Poland you cannot miss the gothic castle of Nidzica located on the picturesque hill which from the very beginning of its existence was using the natural defensive qualities of such beautiful but from the other side muddy valley of the Nida River. As well as the town Nidzica is called “the gate to Warmia and Mazury”
Coming closer to the mentioned hill the very curious building will appear to your eyes – The Old castle Brewery and here the story begins…