Honey Beekiping Farm

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Mazur Honeys - apiaries for over three generations
The Mazur Honey Bee Farms from the picturesque Gołdap County have existed for over three generations. In our daily work, we use tradition and timeless experience combined with a modern perception of beekeeping. Our goal for decades has been the highest quality end product aimed at the consumer. Our bee products (honey, pollen) have a certificate of Culinary Heritage Warmia Mazury Powiśle.

Honey obtained from unique areas
Mazur Honeys are apiaries that have existed for decades. We offer honey obtained in the area protected by the European Union (in the Tatarska Góra reserve) and the multiflower Mazur Garbatych Honey from the NATURA 2000 area (Romincka Forest and other protected areas), entered on the list of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Our honeys are of the highest quality as well as the traditional method of obtaining.

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Kinds of honey unique in the region
These honeys are not always present in our apiary, it is a natural phenomenon consisting in the combination of several natural and atmospheric factors (e.g. appropriate temperature, humidity, plant cover). Which makes it a unique, unique rarity for the palate.

Honeydew honey
The honey is made in part from coniferous or deciduous honeydew and the nectar of honey plants. It is one of the universal honey used in infections and heart diseases.

Honey from coniferous honeydew
It has a very faint spicy aroma and a slightly sweet taste. Honeydew honey has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and expectorant properties. It has high antibiotic activity.