Terra Madre day


This year on Terra Madre day the activity centre of Slow Food Bardacik Convivium was Seferihisar District, the first Cittaslow of Turkey. On the night of 8th of December  14 different  local foods of Seferihisar; Nohutlu Manti, Tatli Tarhana, Loklok, Samsades, Ekmek Dolmasi, Oklavadan Siyirma, Calkama, Yuvalaca, Nohutlu Manti, Peygamber Balikli Pilav, Kopez Kizartmasi, Adabey Corbasi, Cekme Makarna, Kuzu Dolmasi ve Baliklama served to the people of Seferihisar with a very nice feast by the members of Women Assembly of City Council.

On Terra Madre day, the “Terra Madre Honor Plaquettes” were given to support a kind of cheese called “Armola”, peculiar to Seferihisar, after visiting their production and sales places to the Zeybekoglu Dairy, producing Armola Cheese for 42 years and Gulpinar Dairy, producing Armola cheese for 45 years by the member of Executive Committee Berfin Celikkol and Convivium members.

In Izmir, Huriye Bakay, a member of Bardacik Convivium served one of the disappearing region taste “Hanya Guveci” and another member Mehmet Davar prepared “Gigantes Bean Meal” with oil olive. The main theme of these activities in Izmir was “Exchange” (population exchange, which followed the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923) and the tastes that exchanges brought to Izmir offered to the customers all day long.