Cittaslow Week

Rejowiec Fabryczny

Date: 18-29.09.2023 

Venue: Primary School Mikołaja Rej, Municipal Kindergarten, MOK "Dworek", Municipal Library

Hours: during opening hours of the facilities

Main theme: Cittaslow in harmony with nature, care for local culture, monuments and ecology, as well as promotion of local attractions, games and competitions.


The following events are planned as part of Cittaslow Week:

  • a conversation about our town and its membership in the International Association of Cittaslow Cities,
  • listening to the story "About Maciusiu the snail and his friend Prędziusz the fox" read by the Mayor. A conversation about the content of the story, which aims to promote a slower lifestyle as an alternative to the big city rush,
  • integration game "Welcoming Maciuś the Snail" - sports competitions, games for children, walks around our park,
  • a walk around our town with the character of Maciuś the snail. Visiting public places and interesting places in our town,
  • photo competition for children and parents "Snail, snail show your horns",
  • "Snail" art works made using various art techniques and using recycled raw materials,
  • "Do not throw away! Take advantage!” - kindergarten competition - each group makes "something practical" from product packaging,
  • field game - "Snails on the grass",
  • reading fairy tales and fairy tales related to the topic of slow life,
  • Fairy Tale Characters Day - students dress up as fairy tale characters; they participate in fun games, describe the characters they are dressed up as, write spells, paint coloring books, guess the titles of fairy tales, solve fairy tale riddles, pose for photos as part of the "Book in the Lens" campaign,
  • “A walk around Rejowiec in the rhythm of slow…” - “The snail Rejuś visits Rejowiec Fabryczny” - a postcard from Rejowiec Fabryczny with a snail figurine. Snail Photo Booth -
  • promoting the culture of good, harmonious life as an alternative to the big city rush and ongoing globalization. A walk around the recreational and historical points of our town. During the hike, we collect ecological materials to make the Cittaslow logo,
  • “Grandma's forgotten recipes” - cake fair combined with practical classes (establishing cooperation with the Rural Women's Circle and the Municipal Cultural Center),
  • "Let's get to know the history of our city" - a walk to the most important objects of our city, based on the "I know my city" quiz,
  • trip to Zwierzogród Leszczany for digging, meeting animals, bonfire,
  • "Baked Potato Festival" - picnic with a bonfire.