Rejowiec Fabryczny

Member of the Polish National Network

Geographical area. Rejowiec Fabryczny is located in south-eastern Poland, near Lublin (50 km) and the border with Ukraine. Its advantage is an easy access for investors and visitors. About 40 km from the Lublin Airport, 15 km from the S12 express road, and with direct train connection.


Rejowiec Fabryczny is a young town – it is only 50 years old. It was established on the land owned by the famous Renaissance poet Mikolaj Rej. Rejowiec Fabryczny started its existence thanks to the building of railway and railway station in years 1879-90, and the construction of Cement Plant "Firlej" in 1924. Its extension and growth of the town made it possible to obtain municipal rights in 1962.


Originally, the industrial and agricultural town - Rejowiec Fabryczny changed its character since the beginning of 1990s for the local services and shopping center. New local small business companies appeared – reviving the traditional crafts: cooperage and pottery.
Presence of Slow Food presidia (address of Slow Food policy and Convivium leader's name and surname, tel. e-mail).

Projects already implemented among the most significative ones which express of being Cittaslow.

Rejowiec Fabryczny as a Cittaslow town supports local crafts - cooperage and pottery and puts emphasis on the quality of urban life (green areas, sports and recreation). Our plans include expansion of the cycle paths network, improving local catering and accommodation base and enhancing the cooperation with neighboring municipalities to improve the tourist attractiveness of our town.

Project organized together with other cities

There are no projects organized together with other cities in the Cittaslow, but we (together with Vizela (Portugal) and Levanger (Norway)) are preparing the project for youth exchange between the Cittaslow towns (home and abroad), and we are going to invite all other towns to take part in it.

Main events

  • Rejowiec Fabryczny Days (July)
  • Family Picnic (June)
  • Carols singing around the campfire (December)

Fairs and Markets

  • Weekly fruit-vegetable market.
  • Typical Products
  • Oak barrels, and other coopers' products as well as the pottery products.
  • Traditional recipes

Representatives of Cittaslow:
Mrs. Sylwia Wnetrzak