Iznik Equinox Festival


The Sunset Festival, which is the first of its kind in the world and is held only in Iznik, is being held in Bursa's world-famous historical district Iznik, which has the title of Cittaslow and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List.

The name of the festival is Iznik Equinox Festival!

This natural event, which is repeated twice a year, takes place in Lake Iznik, which is surrounded by mountains. At sunset, the sun reaches the lake from the place called Karsak Strait on the opposite shore of Iznik. This natural phenomenon, which can rarely be seen in certain lakes on earth, dissolves in the water as soon as the sun touches the water. Thousands of photography enthusiasts from many parts of our country and the world who want to photograph this natural phenomenon are in the district on these dates. Moreover, photographers participate in Photo Safari Tours to Iznik Villages in this festival, which lasts not only sunset but also 3 days. On these tours, they have the opportunity to photograph canyons, historical houses, nature, olive oil and olive oil soap making moments. In the festival, every step of which is supported by the Municipality of Iznik, the participants offer treats during the day and gifts for photo shoots. This natural event, which takes place every year during the 3rd week of March and September, is brought to the agenda by the Iznik Municipality under the name of Equinox Festival.


19–20–21 March 2022 Iznik Equinox Festival Event Schedule

Saturday, March 19

  • 09:30 Northern Villages Photo Safari Tour (Tacir Canyon, Obelisk and Inikli Historical Mansions)
  • Historic houses and nature photography
  • Food Treats
  • 15:00 Festival Opening
  • Photograph exhibition
  • Marching Performance
  • Acoustic Music Concert
  • 18:30 Sunset Photo Shoot

Sunday, March 20

  • 09:30 Southern Villages Photo Safari Tour (Müşküle, Baalım and Göllüce)
  • Olive Oil, Müşküle Needle Lace, Nature Photography and Village Culture
  • Food Treats
  • 18:30 Sunset Photo Shoot

Monday, March 21

  • 18:30 Sunset Photo Shoot