Enns CittaSlow Award


Every year a città slow price is awarded for projects which carry the città slow-thoughts. 

- environmental policy 
- infrastructure 
- local food 
- awareness for culture and tradition 
- quality of hospitality 
- awareness for living in a città slow 

criteria in detail: 
- further development of cityscape 
- further development of awareness of evironment 
- production and sales of ecological local food 
- advancement of regenerative technologies 
- energy saving 
- ideas for reduction of transit traffic 
- suggestions for innovative land use 

The best 3 ideas get awarded - the award: a guided tour through Enns and time to relax. 
3 prices will be awarded in total value of  1.500,- during the New Year`s Eve by the mayor.

This year the places:
1. Wiff Enzenhofer for his music
2. Manfred Holzinger for the cittaslow aria
3. Wolfgang Brunner for the wellness Hotel
3. citta slow Galerie in the tower