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Once upon a time, there lived a fisher called Reis in Gerze.  In an autumn morning, he was lost in thoughts because he was going to join the army in November, which was all he was thinking about. Still waters were playing with rocks, snow-white sea foams were bursting, and the influx of bonitos started. Luckily, Reis had already prepared the trotlines. While sitting on the beach, he whistled to call his dog Palamut and it ran towards Reis and showed its loyalty by barking. He tied trotlines to the tale of the dog so that it would sail and catch bonito and come back. That was the plan! But what if it can’t? The efforts would go down the drain. Reis waited impatiently for his dog to come back. Luckily, his fears did not come true.  It came back with many fish, which made Reis very happy. He cleaned the fish hooks and watched his dog sailing again with pleasure. When the sun rose, his dog came out of the sea and looked at his owner triumphantly. Reis sold the fish easily and fed his dog with baklava and pie. 

Edited By: Ata Ünlü