Once the gates did not open

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Once the gates did not open

Anually 8th of August, on the name day of the holy Cyriakus, the protector of the winemakers, the winegrowers, primarily those of the little town of Deidesheim, premature grapes carry up to the chapel in the forest near the village of Lindenberg.

The saint often took the way to Deidesheim to ask fot necessary food there. And the town gates always opened by itself.

However, once, it was in the middle of winter, there the gate remained close, because the saint on the unwieldy way took a post for the help by the way through the „Doppdefile“, wich he had taken from a vineyard. After he had brought back the post again to his place and had found under heavy efforts the smooth way about the wood down to the town, see here, the gate was open again.

Morality: Also a saint has to do the property of the other eighth ones!

Source: Pfälzer Legenden, gesammelt von Viktor Carl, Verlag Franz Arbogast, 6751 Otterbach-Kaiserslautern, 1981