The House of Huang Family

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Eastern Taiwan was the last area to be developed in Taiwan. Settlements began development in 1853 by the Chinese. In 1895 the district was colonized by the Japanese with the Treaty of Shimonosela. There were 3 official immigration villages in Hualien County, Eastern Taiwan. The 3 were Yoshino吉野 (Now it is  Ji'an吉安 ), Toyota豐田(Now it is Shoufeng壽豐), and Hayashida林田(Now it is Fonglin鳳林). Many Japanese people migrated to the area and set up the tobacco industry, employing local people and contributing significantly to the local economy. The Japanese surrendered in World War Two and the Japanese colonists returned to Japan, leaving the local inhabitants houses, and properties.

The story was happened in one of the Japanese leaving houses. When the first owner moved in the house, he saw a big yellow dog showed up in the house and fleeing into the room under the bed every afternoon. The owner was very scared, so he left the house. So does the second owner. Therefore, the neighbors whispered that the big yellow dog was ominously.

Until the third owner, Huang, moved into the house, he believed “Blessed is a land inhabited by people who do well, for it is the people who make the land blessed”. He had never seen the big yellow dog after he moved into the house, and his life is getting better and better. He became one of the rich men in Fonglin soon.

The rich Huang family was getting bigger and bigger; the old building was not enough for Huang family to live. Therefore, the family decided to rebuild. When the house was pulled down, there was a nest of pink snakes fleeing under the house. Everyone there was terrified by the fleeing snakes.

People believed that the big yellow dog and pink snakes brought good blessed. They brought the Huang family rich and good luck.  However, after the old house was pulled down, they could not stay in the house. Therefore, the Huang family became nobody without bless from the big yellow dog and pink snakes. This story is spread until now.