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It's not so long since the city of Trevi used to reenact the feast for the "Bonfinita" or rather the celebration for the end of the harvest of olives.

As a cortege, donkeys  led by the peasants, proceeded along the country's streets, they carried the last bags filled with olives.

These precious fruits later were gathered in wide and fresh locals so they could be milled in mills, afterwards, the result of long work and fatigue, was the olive oil, precious green gold.

Rural houses were decorated with little gifts and all the peasants gathered around the olive trees. Also trees were decorated with coloured strings, tissues, sweets and fruits. People used to dance the "saltarello", play funny stories and dined in honor of the golden fruits' tree, With pride and satisfaction as a tribute to the end of the harvest of olives and hope for a prosperous future production.