Covenant of Mayors

European Commission initiative

Reduction CO2 emissions by 2020, promoting the concept of sustainable energy

On June 29,  2009, Cittaslow International, as a network of local and regional authorities, has become the supporting structure of the Covenant of Mayors.


Cittaslow, acting as the support structure is proposed to:

  • Promote adherence of the Cities of its network to the Covenant of Mayors, serving later as coordinator entity
  • Encourage the exchange of good practices in favor of the concept of sustainable energy
  • Support of the Cities of its network who decide to join the Covenant of Mayors for the organization of the "Energy Days", public awareness events, related to the topic of energy
  • Participate in the initiatives proposed by the Covenant of Mayors
  • Help the Cities of its network to enhance the excellence models ("Benchmark of Excellence"), private or public, that are located in their territory