Cittaslow Tourism

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It is one of the Cittaslow Int'l Projects approved at Falköping Coordination (S) in November 2015


  • Cittaslow Tourism is a new way of looking at the "tourism business" in the towns of the network and in their territories
  • The main challenge is in short:  "Transferring in the tourist activities all the economy of resilience, the sense of limitation, respect for what it was and what it is, depending on what we are going to be in the near and remote future" 
  • proposing  tourism packages for attentive and curious travelers as well as the desire to enjoy the extraordinary opportunities that a place, town, community, are offered,  beyond the obvious and the industrial standard 
  • it means to create (limited number) tourist packages of Cittaslow Tourism under the so-called "Experience Tourism"
  • to activate a permanent community participation program (trade and tourism, associations, services, transport, agriculture, crafts, schools, volunteer citizens, etc.) 
  • to offer occasions of a different visit to the identity of the places, with a slow, sustainable approach, in alliance with the natural environment, plants, animals, landscape
  • local, material and immaterial cultural goods are thus not only "enjoyed" by tourists, but discovered and lived in a new, more participatory, subjective and objective light at the same time, with the contribution of the inhabitant.


to work on the project requires a joint work between:

Cittaslow Administrations, citizens, Tourist companies, services, etc.

  • not all structures or services or businesses are fit to enter Cittaslow Tourism offer packages.
  • not all sites are already  equipped to build a Cittaslow Tourism package right away but need a period of information / training with citizens, operators and businesses.

the Mayors and Municipal Administrations of the Cittaslow, will be a diligent part to coordinate local operators of tourism, crafts, agriculture, commerce, etc. to finalize the creation of one or more packages of Cittaslow Tourism in accordance with Cittaslow International and the TO partner, will be selected in each Cittaslow concerned by Cittaslow Tourism, a reference technical-operational reference for managing the local package (guide, tour operator, cooperative or service company etc.) , "Cittaslow Tourism Local Antennas", which will be in direct contact with TO and Cittaslow Int'l offices in Orvieto, and will be funded on the basis of work done and the sale of packages.they undertake under the trustee responsibility of the elected Mayor

the local Cittaslow Tourism package can be edited in the term, engage in gentlement agreement status to collaborate with Cittaslow Int'l and the TO to permanently monitor the compliance of services and structures in terms of specific quality, sustainability (environmental and social), consistent with the methodological ideas of the Cittaslow tourism product. 

Cittaslow International carries out project co-ordination worldwide, and the formal and legal partner of TO cooperate for local packet building works to package sales on its online platform 


Tour Operator (T.O.) providing technical and legal support for the construction, promotion and sale of packages to be built together

the Tour Operator for Cittaslow Tourism, will carry out the task of:

  • tourist brokerage services,
  • technical-legal coverage of tourist packages in Cittaslow
  • administrative and accounting support for online sale of Cittaslow tourism packages
  • collaboration for contact with final customer, 
  • consultancy to optimize tourism products for sale, build offers, carrying out local animation activities among the operators of the sector
  • training activities: will be made (paid by whom are interested), training courses on the philosophy and concrete design of Cittaslow Tourism

the first Cittaslow Tourism pilot project is in Pollica (IT)