Cittaslow EGTC

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We have created the mini-web site for our EGTC in cooperation of the the CoR's offices. Started on 2019 with Pollica (I) and Midden-Delfland (NL), the EGTC is open now to receive other member's towns candidature. "The EGTC, said President Mauro Migliorini, is right today to join other Cittaslow members in several countries. In the next months we will go on on the enlargement procedure following the procedure and EU Regions Committee regulations".

EGTC Cittaslow's​ general objective, namely territorial cooperation, supports the development model embodied in the concept of "slow living", which aims to promote development and achieve greater economic and social cohesion. In line with the general objective of the EGTC, the following specific objectives have been set:

1. Identifying, designing and implementing initiatives for the development and enhancement of significant elements of the Cittaslow identity:
l.a CITTASLOW EDUCATION. Exchange of good practice in order to build a new form of citizenship in schools in participating cities; our objective is to ​offer tomorrow's citizen innovative, durable and sustainable forms of socialising, production and consumption.
l.b CITTASLOW TOURISM. A new tourism model for tomorrow's European traveller – someone who has an inquiring mind, is eager to learn about and identify with a common European background of many different traditions and cultures – a slow form of tourism based on experiences, real life and culture, that ensures quality for all and an awareness of limitations.
l.c CITTASLOW DOING. Crafts and craftsmanship are combined with information technology and ancient knowledge. Having an alternative to mass production means preserving the immense range of artisan skills that underpin industry and technology.
l.d CITTASLOW URBAN PLANNING. How will the European city of tomorrow be designed and built? Green building and hi-tech will go hand in hand with tradition, traditional building materials will be appreciated once again and skills will be handed down from generation to generation, creating a value chain based on social values. Furthermore, priority will be given to promoting sustainable development that protects and enhances the landscape, including aspects of landscape identity, by spreading the culture of the landscape and through appropriate landscape planning.
l.e CITTASLOW AGRICULTURE. Not only agriculture, but also innovation, respect for the land, a reduction in chemicals, an alliance with plants and animals, food sovereignty, biodiversity.
l.f CITTASLOW MARKET. The street market in the European Cittaslow towns and villages and the virtual online market.