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Best practices and methodology

In order to implement education projects in Cittaslow towns, here is a list of objectives and methodology to help you with this important mission.

  • Trying to include some Cittaslow criteria in every project that you create in your town school. The idea is to use the Cittaslow values such as health, environment and social exchanges in your missions.
  • Create a bridge between generations with a permanent exchange with experienced people and associations. The aim is to learn about the towns' cultural heritage through discussions, share of knowledge (expertise) and practice with the elders.
  • Make the children responsible and aware of their impact on society and environment. Through games and activities (for ex. recycling, up-cycling and energy waste), the aim is to make them actors of their own education and drive them to a positive social circle in the same slow direction.
  • Intergrating the Slowfood international mission for the projects that target food and nutrition quality; education to seasonal food, biodiversity conservation and local economy ethical development. We develop those mission through school projects, taste workshops, inter-generational school vegetable gardens, didactic games creation. Very strategical is the  "on field" activity in the school gardens and the transversal network (in school terms called « didactic continuity ») between school orders (e.g. Primary cultivates vegetables, Secondary stores preserved or cooked products). One other important issue is checking of food/packages labels in supermarkets, to learn how to study the product before buying it and eating it.
  • Develop the relationship between citizens and the world of education through multi-disciplinary projects creation that decide target audience and Cittaslow’s themas.
  • Promote project’s sharing, experiences and information between the Cittaslow towns through social networks and digital tools in order to create a proper « Cittaslow Network Education Project».  These exchanges can be made at the level of life habits, food and didactic tools of communication.
  • Collaborating with the Web platform, e.g. « e-twinning » and others,  in order to represent the Cittaslow’s education at a european and Int'l level. Training and virtual exchange would like to mention the possibility of opening an our  Cittaslow Education platform on to encourage direct exchanges between teachers and trainers, certainly less dispersive for those who like us want to follow a teaching-educational course centered on the subject of Cittaslow culture.