Panel's report for the assessment of Cittaslow best practices Prize « CHIOCCIOLA ORANGE 2023» and Cittaslow Video Contest Award 2023



1. On 5 June 2023 the Panel for the Cittaslow Prize CHIOCCIOLA ORANGE, chaired by Giuseppe Roma, Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee and composed of President Mauro Migliorini, Pier Giorgio Oliveti, General Secretary, and Luca Filippetti, Web manager of C.I., met to appraise the projects and videos submitted by Cittaslow towns. The Committee firstly thanks the contest participants who have responded to the annual competition for the Cittaslow Best Practices Prizes. 28 Cittaslow (1 more of last year) from 11 countries (2 more of last year) presented their projects and initiatives.

2. Prize evaluation criteria were based on the general rules of the contest, assigning a score from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) on the following six core items.

Improvement of Cittaslow philosophy; Impact on social innovation; Relevance in terms of dissemination in order to share good practices in the network; Scale of the project, people involvement and investment; Vision of the future; Technical and aesthetical values (for videos).

3. The Panel then chooses prize categories: the best project presented should be awarded with “Chiocciola Orange”, and other prizes should be given for the following categories: Environmental and Energy policies; Policies for hospitality, awareness and training; Infrastructure policies; Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies; Quality of urban life policies; Social cohesion.

The Commission notes the high quality of the projects submitted, in particular the attention given to the communication of Cittaslow’s values to the citizens as in the initiatives of Działdowo, Lefke and Trevi aimed in particular at children and new generations, of Ryn for the enhancement of rural culture and of Midden- Delfland for the advice to citizens on renewable energy.

After having carefully examined project documentation, the Panel unanimously agreed to award prizes to the following projects:



WANDO (KR) score: 5 

Marine Healing of Mind and Body Using Marine Resources of Cittaslow Wando Island

The project received the highest rating for the broad range of structural interventions that positively impact the present and future of the island community. The programme covers the care of the physical and mental health of residents and the sustainable development of local productive activities like agriculture, fishing and tourism.


OLECKO (PL) score: 4 - Environmental and Energy policies

Strong Partnerships for Green Olecko

The project involves the public and private sectors and creates a local heating network that uses the industrial residues from a wood factory, in accordance with the circular economy.


ENNS (A) score: 3 - Policies for hospitality, awareness and training

Museum 1212 Enns – Area of Urban History

In the historic heart of Cittaslow Enns the city's history museum combines the most innovative technologies with a historic environment of extraordinary value.


SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA (IT) score: 4 - Infrastructure policies

Urban Plan for Sustainability mobility

A community-driven plan to disseminate the culture of sustainable mobility and reduce car use.


MAEBASHI – AKAGI (J) score: 3 - Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies

Maebashi Honey Project

A project to promote the importance of bees to environmental and health protection among young people.


KEMALIYE (TR) score: 4 - Quality of urban life policies

Mustafa Özgül Street, Hacı Ali Akın Cad and Bugday Square Street Rehabilitation

With revealing the original character of the historic center and bazar, the renovation project maintains the soul of the towns even with new functions.


CITTÀ SANT’ANGELO (I) score: 4 - Social cohesion

Support on Job Inclusion and Women's anti-violence centre and Ex-aequo


ECHT-SUSTEREN (NL) score: 3 - Social cohesion

Common room for people with dementia

Città Sant'Angelo's projects focus on two current issues: access to work and protecting women threatened with violence. The Echt-Susteren project addresses the increasing need for socialization of people with mental health problems.



On 5 June 2023 the Panel for the Cittaslow International Video Contest Award 2023, chaired by Giuseppe Roma, Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee and composed of President Mauro Migliorini, Pier Giorgio Oliveti, General Secretary, and Luca Filippetti, Web manager of C.I., met to appraise the videos submitted by Cittaslow towns.

The Commission was particularly pleased to assess the involvement of the Belgian network by means of six Cittaslow videos. This is a good example of cooperation between cities to highlight the plurality of actions implemeneted in accordance with the Cittaslow philosophy.



for the following videos:

- Chaudefontaine "Vent de Terre, place of learning of ecosystems in Chaudfontaine"

- Enghien "Enchanted encounter with contemporary art in the Park of Enghien"

- Estinnes "Local market, conviviality and social cohesion"

- Jurbise "Taste education in the school gardens"

- Lens "Discovery of the known-how of a local craftswoman"

- Silly "Music and Slow Food, bridge between generations"