Cittaslow Best Practices Prize "Chiocciola Orange 2022"

Panel's report for the assessment of Cittaslow best practices Prize « CHIOCCIOLA ORANGE 2022» and Cittaslow Video Contest Award 2022 



1. On 31 May 2022 the Panel for the Cittaslow Prize CHIOCCIOLA ORANGE, chaired by Giuseppe Roma, Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee and composed of President Mauro Migliorini, Pier Giorgio Oliveti, General Secretary, and Luca Filippetti, Web manager of C.I., met to appraise the projects and videos submitted by Cittaslow towns. The Committee firstly thanks the contest participants who have responded to the annual competition for the Cittaslow Best Practices Prizes. 27 Cittaslow (6 more of last year) from 9 countries presented their projects and initiatives.

2. Prize evaluation criteria were based on the general rules of the contest, assigning a score from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) on the following six core items. 

Improvement of Cittaslow philosophy; Impact on social innovation; Relevance in terms of dissemination in order to share good practices in the network; Scale of the project, people involvement and investment. - Vision of the future. Technical and aesthetical values (for videos). 


3. The Panel then chose prize categories: the best project presented should be awarded with "Chiocciola Orange", and other prizes should be given for the following categories: Environmental and Energy policies; Policies for hospitality, awareness and training Infrastructure policies; - Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies; Quality of urban life policies; Social cohesion. 

After having carefully examined project documentation, the Panel unanimously agreed to award prizes to the following projects: 



SAN MINIATO (IT) score: 5 The quality of the project consists in promoting an organic vision of its territory according to the slow philosophy with various tools. The three initiatives presented concern early childhood education, the relationship between urban and rural areas and the quality of food. The School at the Museum promotes a year-round experimental workshop for primary school children at the local archaeological museum to integrate culture and education. 

The Vicoli Carbonari recover pedestrian paths, that existed since 1337, connecting the historic center with the countryside, making a direct relationship between urban and rural possible. Finally, the program includes the presentation of products from the land and recipes to the consumer to promote healthy food at controlled prices.


HADONG (KR) score: 4 Environmental and Energy policies 

< Carbon-free Villages and vitalization of green tourism > The project intends to make the Cittaslow Hadong self-sufficient with renewable local energy and to develop tourism products experiencing history, culture, art, eco-friendly areas as a globally-renowned clean nature area. A new carbon-free village which is designated as a representative ecology tourism place where nature is preserved and visitors can enjoy healing. 


GULPEN-WITTEM (NL) score: 4 Policies for hospitality, awareness and training 

Childrensbook "Citta the snail" 

Texts and colorful drawings of the book were created in close collaboration with the community. Writer and illustrator visited all primary school discussing the meaning of Cittaslow philosophy, an operation in itself very instructive. Once printed, the book became an important educational tool.


VIZE (TR) score: 4 Infrastructures policies 

GREEN ECO AREA and Creek Rehabilitation Modificating the plan, a green area was created in order to be a buffer zone between Tabakhane Creek and the residential areas, making it possible the rehabilitation of the stream with several types of trees, which have high carbon emission absorption. A bicycle path was built, solar lighting was used in the entire recreation area. 


SONGBAI (CN) score: 3 Agricultural, touristic and artisan policies 

"Shennongjia Gushui River Outdoor Fun Recreation Experience Area" The project has a particular value as it promotes sustainable hospitality and outdoor tourism. Main aim is the green development, improving the accessibility of the Gushui River and the overall ecological landscape quality. There are functional areas: entrance area, cultural and recreational area, excursion and sports area, and supporting services area. 


LIDZBARK (PL) score: 3 Quality of urban life policies 

The idea of "good quality of life" becomes a "Cittaslow Café" and a new "Cittaslow Square". The project is inspired by origin and meaning of Cittaslow, rediscovering their own city spaces, personal relationship, convoviality community spirit and civic sense. 


BRA (IT) score: 3 Social cohesion 

Green Active Citizenship The project involves citizens in the development of urban greenery by offering the possibility to donate a tree to the city that will then take care of it, in order to make it grow. 



To emphasize the spread and success of Cittaslow Bees Campaign a special mention is given to Cittaslow Borger-Odoorn (NL) and Turbigo (IT) for their projects in this field. 



On 31 May 2022 the Panel for the Cittaslow International Video Contest Award 2022, chaired by Giuseppe Roma, Coordinator of the International Scientific Committee and composed of President Mauro Migliorini, Pier Giorgio Oliveti, General Secretary, and Luca Filippetti, Web manager of C.I., met to appraise the videos submitted by Cittaslow towns. 

THE WINNER IS: CHANGBAI (China) for the video "The tradition of innovation" 

The video describes China's very famous mountains, the ecological museum and species gene bank, and underlines how these extraordinary natural resources have benefited from the encounter of Cittaslow philosophy and principles combining modernity and tradition.