Yaxi (China) - The Sixth Cole Flowers Tourism Festival


On March 29th, the opening ceremony of The Sixth Cole Flowers Tourism Festival was held in Cittaslow Yaxi. Leaders ofCittaslow Yaxi Administrative Committee, Gaochun District Government, Nanjing Municipal Government and Jiangsu Tourism Bureau, and representatives fromNanjing Normal University and other universities attended the ceremony. 

Though it rained, the audience showed great passion for the ceremony. On the ceremony, Yaxi was awarded the title of National Famous Brand Demonstration Area. Aman and Lele, the mascots of Cittaslow Yaxi and the 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games which will be held in Nanjing on August 16th, 2014, shook hands to encourage people to take participation in the Youth Olympic Games. Many performances also caught the audience's attention, such as Wushu, Walking on Stilts and Madeng Dance which are of feature of Chinese culture and local culture.

Starting in 2009, The Cole Flowers Tourism Festival was held in spring annually when cole flowers blossom and a series of activities were organized during the festival. This year, the festival lasts from March 29th to May 6th, and the list of activities organized during this period is as follows: art students sketching, tent party, cycling competition, picture show, matchmaking event. People come to Yaxi at this time not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also take part in these activities.